Conventional polyester continues to fall, more tha

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Conventional polyester continues to decline, cationic FDY is relatively stable

at present, the textile surface lining has entered the off-season, the conventional polyester market is in a downward channel state, and the sales volume is flat, the polyester price is still falling, and the decline of individual varieties is increasing. On January 21, the central market prices of dty100d, poy75d and fdy63d in Shengze and Jiaxing markets were 13600 yuan/ton, 12200 yuan/ton and 13200 yuan/ton respectively, with a decline of yuan/t so far, Except for the dynamic sales in fdy54d and 63d markets, the trading volume of DTY and POY is flat. Among them, the largest sales volume of conventional products in the market is still the thin products with the largest failure load Pd recorded by fdy63. There are also 1. Temperature fluctuation. Temperature fluctuation is a relatively easy parameter to realize. For example, 75D/72F and 150D/144f can also be sold

recently (January 15-21), the difference from the market status of conventional polyester is that differentiated products, such as cationic FDY, are still available in the market. Recently, the jacquard lining made of cationic FDY silk has been selling well in Shengze market, thus maintaining the stability of cationic FDY silk market. It is understood that the production and sales of FDY of Shengze all piece spun cationic silk are basically balanced, and the sales of fdy75d and 100D are still good. The raw material used in the built-in filter medium of the respirator is recyclable glass fiber. At present, the prices are 14000 yuan/ton and 13400 yuan/ton respectively, which is basically the same as that of last week. Looking forward to the future, industry insiders predict that the consolidation market of cationic silk will remain for some time, but the settlement price of five-party CDP (Changzhou Huayuan, Zhejiang Chemical Union, guxiandao, Tongkun Hengsheng modified and Xinsheng chemical fiber) this week (January 14-january 20) is 11120 yuan/T, down 30 yuan/t from the settlement price of 11150 yuan/t last week. Next week's quotation: 11120 yuan/T, the same as last week's 11150 yuan/T quotation, down 30 yuan/T. When the market then does not rule out the possibility that the prices of some cationic varieties may be reduced moderately

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