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Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone actively seeks new drivers of transformation and development, arranges future industries such as next-generation automobile, general aviation, new energy and new materials, focuses on the introduction of high-end projects, makes breakthroughs in industrial structure adjustment, and changes the pattern of "dominance" of the automobile industry over the years -

after the Yangtze River flows through Wuhan and passes through Junshan, Take a U-turn north. In the U-bend, Hannan general aviation airport is under intense construction. Relying on Hannan TONGHANG airport, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone is stepping up the construction of general aviation and satellite Industrial Park, laying out general aviation industry, building intelligent manufacturing R & D center and building intelligent United Automobile demonstration area. Recently, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) has made "big moves" to actively look for new drivers of transformation and development

adjust the structure and seek diversity

Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, known as the "car capital", has "dominated" the automobile industry for many years. In 2016, the output of automobiles in Wuhan Economic Development Zone reached 1.34 million, and automobiles and parts accounted for more than 70% of the output value of the zone, ranking first in the national automobile industry

one branch stands out, not without hidden worries. According to the analysis of insiders, the domestic automobile production and sales may reach the peak around 2025. Therefore, the 13th five year plan for the development of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) proposes that Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone should accelerate the cultivation of emerging industries and make breakthrough progress in industrial structure adjustment. By 2020, the proportion of automobile industry in total industrial output value will be reduced to less than 55%

in order to promote investment attraction and make existing enterprises bigger and stronger, Wuhan Economic Development Zone launched "30 gold articles", which can be called "the strongest policy supply", and took out 1.86 billion yuan of "real gold and silver" to give enterprises "big gift bags" every year. "Difficult financing" and "expensive financing" have always been the shackles perplexing the development of enterprises, especially private enterprises. Wuhan Economic Development Zone invested 500 million yuan to establish the economic development industry fund to give full play to the financial leverage effect and the resource allocation ability of the market

cultivating emerging industries requires fertile soil, and Wuhan Economic Development Zone will build another "community" in the region. At present, eight industrial parks have been planned to build, relying on the parks to cultivate new economic drivers and realize industrial diversification. It is reported that the eight industrial parks are advanced manufacturing industrial zone, business city, smart eco city, general aviation and satellite Industrial Park, export processing zone, automobile and parts Industrial Park, port logistics zone and modern urban agricultural development demonstration zone, with a total planning area of 443.41 square kilometers

Wuhan Economic Development Zone will also build a "creative Valley" for the "cage for bird" industrial plants under its jurisdiction to lead, drive and serve the upgrading of traditional enterprises. On the Bank of South Prince lake, more than 50 small industrial enterprises were originally gathered. After planning and transformation, this industrial park has become an "innovation special zone" where intelligent manufacturing R & D centers compete to settle down

in April this year, Valeo China Technology Center opened. Its Global CEO Jacques ashenbwatt said that the technology center will not only provide services for the Chinese market, but also provide design support for the United States, Europe and other places to export intelligence to the world

Datang Siemens intelligent manufacturing innovation center and public service platform will also be put into operation. "The platform is like the Apple App platform. Entrepreneurs can engage in secondary development such as intelligent design, collaborative development and VR simulation verification." Large applicable materials: plastic plate, pipe and profile, introduced by Xu Jun, general manager of Tang radio and television. The enterprise focuses on "made in China 2025" and provides intelligent manufacturing upgrading services to industries and small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, it has cooperated with Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Design Institute and other units

sow the seeds of emerging industries

coat the surface with a special film less than 1 micron thick, and ordinary glass becomes "power generation glass", which can not only light but also generate electricity. Not long ago, this achievement of Cheng Yibing, academician of the Australian Academy of engineering, was incubated in Wuhan Economic Development Zone and entered the pilot stage of the product

in May this year, Professor Wang Xuguang, a 78 year old academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, the founder of China's emulsion explosives, a famous expert in industrial explosives and blasting technology at home and abroad, signed a contract with Jinfa technology in Wuhan Development Zone (Hannan District) to establish an academician workstation and build a technological innovation platform

in Wuhan Economic Development Zone, the seeds of emerging industries have been sown, and future industries such as "next generation automobile, general aviation and new energy" and new materials are being laid out, focusing on the introduction of high-end projects such as industrial robots, artificial intelligence, automobile chips, car couplets, fuel cells and carbon fiber

at the construction site of Dazui general aviation airport in Hannan, we can see that the main works such as airport terminal building, air traffic control building and event complex building have been completed. In November this year, the first "World Conference of pilots" will be held here. Based on this platform, Hannan region will gather the whole industrial chain of aviation manufacturing, modification and maintenance, aviation tourism and become a new pillar industry

recently, Wuhan Economic Development Zone signed a contract with AVIC general aircraft Co., Ltd. and China Hongtai Industrial Town Development Co., Ltd. in Beijing to invest 28.3 billion yuan to build "AVIC Hongtai navigation industry comprehensive demonstration zone" and jointly build a national navigation industry cluster demonstration zone. "This project will adopt the new construction mode of the park, direct investment and investment attraction, and introduce seven sectors, including aviation manufacturing, modification and maintenance, navigation operation, scientific and technological research and development, exhibition sales, aviation sports and aviation training, so as to form a general aviation industry cluster with an estimated annual output value of 30.8 billion yuan." Bian Tao, the project investor and deputy general manager of AVIC Tongfei, is confident

for the existing advantageous industries, the Economic Development Zone focuses on promoting their technological transformation and maintaining their competitiveness. From January to may, the investment in technological transformation in the area reached 12.709 billion yuan. For example, Midea's intelligent transformation project has a 130 meter production line with an automation rate of more than 60% and 46 robots. Every 18 seconds, an external unit of air conditioner goes offline. The number of workers decreased from 71 to 34, but the per capita efficiency increased by 50%

in the future, Wuhan Economic Development Zone will create three 100 billion yuan and three 50 billion yuan industries, develop four future industries, namely, automobile, auto parts and intelligent equipment industry, 1 with an output value of 100 billion yuan, general aviation, new materials, new energy and biomedicine of 50 billion yuan, and start to take shape in industries such as intelligent United Automobile, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing and port logistics, and continue to act as the "main engine" of the city's economic development

make the "old bank" better

after the introduction of new projects, it needs continuous investment and construction to develop and grow. During this period, the automobile industry is still the "foundation" of Wuhan Economic Development Zone. After "pulse checking", Wuhan Economic Development Zone has listed the "problem list" of the automobile industry: insufficient production capacity of high-end vehicles, lack of core parts enterprises, urgent breakthrough in the scientific and technological level of the automobile industry, etc

to find out the crux of the problem, Wuhan Economic Development Zone prescribes a prescription for this economic lifeline: zero adjustment, coordinated development, the introduction of high value-added core parts enterprises, and the formation of auto parts production clusters with systematic development, modular supply and international competitiveness; Promote the upgrading of the whole industrial chain and build a complete automobile industry service system, automobile consumption service system and automobile creative industry cluster; Technology integration promotes innovation, develops new energy vehicles and smart cars, guides the integration of automobile industry and information industry, establishes R & D institutions for complete vehicles and parts, and improves the level of automobile manufacturing technology

in November last year, the Ministry of industry and information technology signed a ministerial provincial cooperation agreement with the Hubei provincial government, approving Wuhan to become the first batch of domestic and the only demonstration city in Central China for the application of smart cars and intelligent transportation. It is reported that the pilot demonstration includes applications such as automatic driving, intelligent parking, intelligent joint vehicle test and certification. The construction of the demonstration area is divided into three steps. First, a closed test field is built within 2 square kilometers to test some automatic driving functions of smart cars; Then expand the scope of the demonstration area to 15 square kilometers to simulate unmanned driving; Finally, it will be expanded to 90 square kilometers of the whole region, covering all kinds of road conditions such as ordinary roads and expressways

to promote the smart car demonstration zone project, we need the deep cross integration of communication, electronics, interconnection, automobile and other industries to create conditions for cultivating strategic emerging industries. The relevant person in charge of Wuhan Economic Development Zone said, "Cars are changing from 'mechanical products equipped with electronics' to' electronic products equipped with machinery '. Intelligent connection and driverless are the general trend of the automobile industry. The construction of the demonstration zone provides an opportunity for the development zone and even Wuhan to stand at the forefront of the industrial transformation of' next generation cars'. Wuhan Development Zone will actively develop intelligent connection related industries and build a model city in the future starting from intelligent joint test field and intelligent transportation"

at the same time, drawing on the experience of Wolfsburg, a German automobile city, Wuhan Economic Development Zone has prepared to build Wuhan International racetrack. Based on this, it is planned to carry out automobile events, culture and other activities to form a new growth point of automobile economy other than vehicle production and parts manufacturing

according to the plan, by 2020, the whole vehicle production capacity of Wuhan Economic Development Zone will reach 2.6 million, realize the annual production and sales of 2 million, and the total output value of automobile industry will reach 400 billion yuan. The ratio between the output value of complete vehicles and the output value of parts and components reaches 1:0.8. The operating revenue of automobile services will strive to reach 30 billion yuan

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