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AI = statistics = machine learning? Cutting edge interpretation of artificial intelligence

"artificial intelligence is actually statistics, but it uses a very gorgeous language."

"the artificial world is a world made out of nothing."

"after alphago, it is no longer information technology, but intelligent technology. The era of 'new it' has come."

at the world science and technology innovation forum held recently, many top experts and scholars at home and abroad, including Nobel laureates, discussed artificial intelligence, many of which were refreshing. After the onlookers, they suddenly understood what artificial intelligence is! Let's have a look:

what is artificial intelligence

statistics, machine learning

Thomas J. Sargent, the winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in economics, believes that artificial intelligence is actually statistics, just using a very gorgeous rhetoric

he said: "all AI uses statistics to solve problems. Conversely, if statisticians do not understand physics at all, many scientific and technological advances of mankind cannot become a reality. Entrepreneurs should also be generalists and consider the integration or mutual promotion of different technologies, which leads to the success of alphago."

Michael Levitt, the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in chemistry, academician of the National Academy of Sciences and member of the Royal Society, said that the word "machine learning" has replaced "artificial intelligence" in the United States, and relevant research has been carried out for many years. Machine learning is a very broad concept, simply 10 It can display a variety of experimental curves: force displacement, force time, stress-strain, etc. it takes the data and summarizes some things. The ability of induction and generalization of machines is very important and can be used in a wider range of fields such as chemistry and physics. Starting from the generalization of data and then self-learning is the core ability of computer

what is the basis for the development of artificial intelligence

cloud computing, big data

Hu Yu, senior vice president of iFLYTEK, said that the development of artificial intelligence benefits from the continuous progress of digital torrent. Without the infrastructure of cloud computing and big data, artificial intelligence will not develop by leaps and bounds

Hu Yu gave an example: before 2010, Chinese speech recognition was completely useless. Why? It turns out that these data are not the data in the real environment. It took 2000 hours to collect them in the laboratory, but the real training model of speech recognition is far from enough

"in recent years, the reason why speech recognition and image recognition have sprung up has generally broken through the threshold of use is because of the adoption of cloud computing, big data and other technologies. The development of digital torrent will continue to promote the application of artificial intelligence in the transformation of traditional industries." Hu Yu said

what is the value of AI to manufacturing? Hao Yucheng, President of Intelligent Technology Research Institute of China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. and member of intelligent manufacturing expert advisory committee of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said: "from the perspective of manufacturing industry, the greatest value of artificial intelligence is to guide and promote the transformation and transformation of traditional industries and realize intelligent manufacturing."

so far, artificial intelligence technology is relatively hot in academia. In technology, it has just begun to enter the primary stage, and there is still a long way to go to industry. Intelligent robots are also facing four intelligent technological breakthroughs: sensing, computing, operation and systematization

he believes that only with standardization can there be industrialization and productization. Standardization is a solidification of the results of innovation. "There is still a long way to go. We need to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence technology through continuous innovation."

How about China's artificial intelligence talent reserve? There may be less than 10 top scholars

Yan Shuicheng, vice president, chief scientist and President of Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Qihoo 360, believes that originality and security are very important for artificial intelligence. If you want the company to live longer and better, these two dimensions need to take time to pay attention to

in academic and industrial circles, AI technological innovation is divided into three types: one is subversive innovation, if it exceeds the maximum load, one is micro innovation, and the third is direct cross industry application without innovation. Academic research results are relatively independent of data and application scenarios. The originality of academic research is very important. If there is no originality, it is easy to be forgotten

Yan Shuicheng also pointed out that there may be no more than 10 top scholars in China on the core theory of machine learning. "In this field, China's talent reserve is worrying. Now the national new generation artificial intelligence strategy will usher in a good opportunity."

why does China lead the world in AI application

Yang Fan, co-founder and vice president of Shangtang technology, believes that in the closed loop of five elements of computer, artificial intelligence solves the problems of information analysis and calculation, and can provide long-term value to industries and enterprises

"put a lot of data together, mine the value from it, and find the value information that can provide customized services for everyone. What is this? I think it is artificial intelligence." Yang Fan said

why can China's artificial intelligence industry take the lead in the world? Yang Fan believes that there are two reasons: first, the development of artificial intelligence needs a lot of information and perfect systematic support. China's massive population brings massive data, which gives us a good foundation. What is more valuable is that the government, enterprises and practitioners show a more receptive and embracing attitude towards AI new technologies than other countries, including the United States

what is the symbol of the "new it" era

artificial world, intelligent globalization

Wang Feiyue, director of the State Key Laboratory of complex system management and control, Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that after alphago, it is no longer information technology, but intelligent technology, and the era of "new it" has come

According to Karl, a philosopher of science, reality consists of three worlds: physical world, psychological world and artificial world. The artificial world is a world made out of nothing. Now we need to develop the artificial world, so artificial intelligence is hot

Wang Feiyue said: "turning credit and attention into products, a new wave of globalization is coming, which is a wave of globalization of intelligence. I believe that the era of artificial intelligence has come, but the road is still early. It is too early to talk about the starting standards of several Salt Lake lithium resource development and utilization projects."


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