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AI enabled industrial intelligent manufacturing, Jushi technology and industrial machine vision products appeared at the Industrial Expo. From September 15 to 19, 2020, the 22nd China International Industry Expo was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). With the theme of new development of intelligent and interconnected enabling industries, the Expo is co sponsored by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of science and technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering, the China Council for the promotion of international trade, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Shanghai Municipal People's government. There are 9 major professional exhibitions, with an exhibition area of over 200000 square meters, more than 2400 exhibitors participating in the exhibition, and it is expected that more than 180000 Chinese and foreign professional visitors will visit

among them, the Juxin 2000 semiconductor AI visual inspection equipment and 3D precision visual inspection products independently developed by Jushi technology appeared at the exhibition, solved industrial manufacturing problems with in-depth learning and complex machine vision technology, helped the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing, pursued product differentiation innovation and the landing of semiconductor and other industries, and received warm attention from all walks of life present

Dr. Zheng Jun, CEO of Jushi technology, said: the theme of this Industrial Expo is intelligent interconnection, revealing the development direction of industrial intelligence. Industrial AI is one of the inevitable trends of industrial digitalization. On the premise of accurate adaptation of application scenarios, deep learning, machine learning and machine vision will release huge industrial technology dividends in the manufacturing industry, especially in the manufacturing field where the area of the tall Pacific Garbage belt reaches 617763 square miles (1 square mile is about 2.59 square kilometers). Industrial AI, including digital twins, software definitions and even larger categories, is the inevitable trend of digitalization of manufacturing industry and the inevitable result of the deep penetration of software into manufacturing industry. At the same time, it will also reverse the deeper development of manufacturing industry. This is the basic understanding of Jushi technology on the development of intelligent manufacturing. In the future, we will continue to cultivate industrial artificial intelligence, especially the application fields of deep learning and complex machine vision, link upstream and downstream customers, take industrial AI technology products as the foundation, serve enterprises to accelerate the pace of automation, flexibility and intelligence, and help industry 4.0

the on-site audience is watching Jushi science and technology exhibits

China, as a large manufacturing country, enjoys the title of world factory, with rich industrial resources and perfect manufacturing industry chain. Over the past 30 years, China has grown from a backward agricultural country to the world's second largest economy. Behind its glory, it is inseparable from the strong rise of made in China

at the same time, China's manufacturing industry is still in the stage of coexistence of mechanization, electrification, automation and informatization, unbalanced regional and industrial development, high-end intelligent equipment, key technologies of intelligent manufacturing and core components are controlled by others, and the core technologies supporting the development of high-end intelligent equipment, such as intelligent control technology and industrial software, are highly dependent on foreign countries

with the industrial upgrading, the traditional manufacturing industry has gradually realized the digital and even intelligent upgrading, abandoned the traditional large number of manual repetitive operations, and used the new mode of intelligent manufacturing for efficient production. Digitalization and intellectualization are the key features of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and also the trend of innovation and development of the manufacturing industry. They will bring comprehensive and profound changes to the manufacturing industry, reshape the production mode and process, and transform the production chain, supply chain and innovation chain. They will not only breed new business forms and new models, but also give new potential to enhance the value of traditional industries

during this Industrial Expo, a number of industrial AI intelligent devices of Jushi technology appeared, involving vertical application fields such as complex visual inspection of semiconductor manufacturing, 3D visual precision measurement, robot visual AI control, etc., and received extensive attention from participating enterprises and users

poly core 2000 semiconductor lead frame/substrate AI detection equipment

poly core 2000 semiconductor lead frame/substrate AI detection equipment is an intelligent detection equipment developed by Jushi for the key functional areas on the surface of the semiconductor lead frame. 1. The safety protection equipment of the tensile testing machine has many ways. Through the AI image algorithm, the quantity and category of defects are quantitatively analyzed to determine whether the product is qualified. The color linear array camera combines with motion control, high-resolution detection, AI intelligent detection and data analysis, and is applied to the FT section of the semiconductor lead frame. When the missed detection is 0, the actual false detection rate is as low as 1 ~ 5%

3d vision precision measurement scheme

3d vision precision measurement equipment can meet the irregular measurement scenarios of high-end manufacturing and meet the industry needs of high precision, high efficiency, non-contact, intelligence, full automation, etc. It can be applied to high-speed measurement and detection of semiconductor general chip packaging, aerospace precision machinery measurement and detection, irregular workpiece precision measurement and defect recognition, etc

in addition, Jushi's AI products also include matrixvision, an industrial machine vision platform based on in-depth learning, matrixrobot, an industrial robot vision and AI control system, as well as Juxin series semiconductor AI detection equipment, Juneng photovoltaic AI detection equipment, industrial robot AI system equipment, etc. By combining the powerful algorithm ability with the product's recent experience, we can deeply integrate different scenarios such as semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic new energy and precision machinery manufacturing


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