AI era Huawei cloud innovation accelerates the lan

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+AI era, Huawei cloud innovation accelerates the landing of artificial intelligence industry

+ai era, Huawei cloud innovation accelerates the landing of artificial intelligence industry

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original title: +ai era, Huawei cloud innovation accelerates the landing of artificial intelligence industry

today, following Shenzhen and Xi'an, Huawei cloud China 2018 made its third stop in Beijing. Zheng ye, vice president of Huawei and President of Huawei cloud Bu, came to the meeting and delivered a speech. Jia Yongli, general manager of Huawei cloud EI product department, delivered a keynote speech to share the overall progress of Huawei cloud and Huawei cloud EI concepts and thoughts in the AI era, and launched the first public cloud multi cloud hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution in China

continuous progress depends on continuous innovation

also in July, in Beijing, Huawei cloud China 2017 Beijing station was held with the theme of "if the future can be predicted". This year's theme became "accelerating on the path of innovation". Huawei cloud has achieved breakthroughs in many fields in one year

for this, In his speech at the conference, zhengyelai said: "With the development of artificial intelligence, big data and other innovative technologies, the Internet infrastructure is also facing an era of great change. It is necessary to use dedicated hardware to process massive amounts of data. The Internet application cloud infrastructure has entered the era of 2.0. Huawei cloud can provide a stable, reliable, safe, reliable, sustainable and innovative cloud infrastructure and provide innovative solutions for customers. We work together to create the future and share benefits; we work together to save Save investment and expenses, common income. "

zhengyelai, vice president of Huawei and President of Huawei cloud Bu

at present, the "downtime" of single cloud deployment occurs from time to time. The vibration amplitude of changing the output of the hydraulic cylinder on the cloud has entered the era of multi Cloud Architecture. Enterprises need to adopt "multi cloud backup and disaster recovery on the cloud" all involve the use of multiple basic support strategies of plastics to ensure business continuity and the reliability of key data

based on previous innovation accumulation, Huawei cloud is the first in China to release a multi cloud hybrid cloud disaster recovery solution that can provide complete public cloud disaster recovery backup. This scheme is the first metal tightening standard solution in China that covers three scenarios: cross cloud backup, cross cloud disaster recovery and cloud disaster recovery, and provides a complete public cloud backup disaster recovery capability

jiayongli, general manager of Huawei cloud EI product department

in fact, Huawei itself is an enterprise level disaster recovery practitioner. Jia Yongli said that Huawei cloud, based on its understanding of the IT system of large enterprises, innovatively provides services such as bare metal and exclusive cloud, so that heavy-duty businesses can backup disaster recovery to the cloud with the minimum it transformation cost, and help customers truly realize the security of data on the cloud

During the

+ai conference, Jia Yongli made an in-depth interpretation of the Huawei cloud EI platform architecture: Taking the data Lake as the base, the artificial intelligence is layered, and the basic technical capabilities represented by "deep learning and machine learning" are created. In addition, the common technical services created by various visual and language technologies support enterprise application innovation through multi domain collaboration

at present, Huawei cloud shares Huawei AI capabilities in the form of services, enabling the whole industry. According to the typical practice of Huawei cloud EI, Jia Yongli introduced four mainstream AI scenarios:

1, Internet +ai, enjoy the smart vision, and Internet re evolution: Huawei cloud recently launched EI intelligent video series services to help customers analyze, audit, and label video content. Based on Huawei cloud EI intelligent video service, video scene recognition supports 365 indoor and outdoor scenes, with top5 accuracy greater than 90%. At present, Huawei cloud has provided support for domestic mainstream professional service providers such as China Library and Xiake technology

2. Home +ai, video transmission temperature, more love with AI: Huawei cloud uses the "end cloud combination" approach, and uses image visual AI capabilities to process video/image data and continue to evolve as a smart home platform. It can provide elderly care, baby care, pet care and other services for family users; It can also provide customers with passenger flow statistics, VIP identification, precision marketing, real-time video sharing and other services

3. Industry +ai enables machines to have intelligence and enter a new era of energy efficiency: industrial agents use the massive information and industry intelligence of the complex physical world to feed back into the process of industrial manufacturing through the calculation, analysis and feedback of agents, so as to improve the production yield of manufacturing enterprises, reduce the operation and maintenance costs of enterprises, enable enterprises to take the lead in the business world and help enterprises improve efficiency. It is reported that Huawei cloud currently cooperates with well-known domestic air compressor manufacturers to support the realization of energy consumption reduction, energy conservation and emission reduction in future factories

4. City +ai, open up the urban neural network, and make travel better: Based on the previous successful cooperation with Shenzhen traffic police, in April 2018, Huawei, in cooperation with Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, took the lead in carrying out the pilot application of using AI algorithm to realize real-time decision-making, signal timing optimization and automatic time division in Shangdi Third Street, Haidian District, Beijing. According to the evaluation report of the third party company, the average delay in the main direction (east-west direction) of the traffic flow in Shangdi Third Street decreased by 15.2%, the average speed increased by 15%, and the average delay time of the branch roads decreased by 10~20%

in the smart world, only the brain is not enough, and industry wisdom is the core

on June 26, zhengyelai, 2018 Shenzhen station of Huawei cloud China travel, released Huawei cloud EI agent on the spot, and stressed that only the brain is not enough in the smart world

at the conference, Jia Yongli further interpreted the EI agent. He said that industry wisdom is the core and key of EI agents. In the infinitely enhanced intelligent world, only the brain is not enough. Through the intelligent brain (Huawei cloud EI), intelligent edge platform and ubiquitous end-to-side perception, the massive amount of information in the complex physical world is combined with the industry wisdom, and the intelligence of everything is realized through the calculation, analysis and feedback of agents on the physical world. EI agents are not only based on historical statistics, but also interact and optimize on the basis of real-time perception, so as to achieve real intelligence

Jia Yongli said that in the future, Huawei cloud will continue to release the latest artificial intelligence technologies and services. At the same time, he also made invitations to industry partners and customers during the conference. In the future, he will work with Huawei cloud EI to build intelligent agents in various industries and jointly realize a bright future of all things' awareness, all things' interconnection and all things' intelligence


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