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Lingbang instrument: the transient temperature measurement response time exceeded 100 microseconds

in the process of identifying chitosan by two indicators: appearance (the whiter the appearance is, the better) and deacetylation degree (the higher the deacetylation degree is, the better), the temperature changed dramatically in an instant, resulting in the inability of traditional temperature measurement methods. To solve this problem, Beijing lingbang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a transient temperature measurement system, which can accurately and automatically measure the transient temperature of gas. The test response time is as fast as 100 microseconds. It is applicable to the test of various types of transient temperature, such as the transient temperature of pyrotechnics and the combustion stability test of rocket nozzle

at the time of explosion, the instantaneous temperature may change from tens of degrees to hundreds of degrees, while the time of severe temperature change is often at the second level or even millisecond level, which increases the difficulty of testing the transient temperature. Traditionally, the transient temperature is read manually, so the test response time is long, and whether the temperature is qualified is also judged manually, which often leads to misjudgment

the transient temperature measurement system developed by lingbang instrument, based on advanced sensor technology and virtual instrument technology, adopts the thermocouple with the fastest response in the world and cooperates with the thermocouple signal conditioning module independently developed by the company to accurately measure the temperature. The test response time is up to 100 microseconds, the accuracy value is 0.2%f.s., and the temperature range is 50~1000 ℃ (which can be extended to 1, of which ncm111, ncm523, ncm622 and ncm811 are common 600 ℃). The system has the characteristics of fast test response time, high accuracy, high degree of automation and strong expansibility

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the system is mainly applicable to various explosion impact tests, cloud explosion bomb tests, and combustion or explosion tests of combustible gases such as natural gas and coal gas. After simple modification, the system can also be widely used in multi field transient temperature tests

compared with the traditional temperature measurement scheme, the system carries out control and data analysis and processing through the data acquisition and analysis software, determines the conformity according to the configured parameters, automatically saves the data, and automatically generates reports. There is no need to manually record the data and judge whether the temperature is qualified during the test. After the system is installed and started, the whole test process can be completed automatically. In addition, the test channel of the system can be expanded infinitely, and the change value of temperature can be tested at the same time or at different times

professionals believe that the system has successfully solved the problem of the reaction speed of the temperature sensor. Only a fast reaction speed can accurately measure the temperature change. It is difficult to break through the response time of 100 microseconds in China, which is already at the leading level in the industry

the temperature detection system is generally used for the detection and recording of high temperature, ultra-low temperature or transient temperature. Lingbang instrument has accumulated extensive experience in this field. In addition to the transient temperature measurement system, other detection systems developed by lingbang instrument are also involved. For example, the intelligent ammunition integrated test system extends the non electric quantity testing functions such as temperature, pressure and vibration, and can perform transient temperature, detonation pressure Measurement of vibration frequency and other non electric quantities; The model selection of missile flight depends on the experimental data to determine that the stagnation pressure simulation system has the function of inlet temperature and flow measurement; The gyroscope integrated detection system is equipped with high and low temperature boxes, which can conduct high and low temperature tests

Although the response speed of

100 microseconds has taken the lead in China, the staff of lingbang instrument recently revealed that the system is expected to usher in a new round of breakthrough. Lingbang instrument provides customized services to customers, and can develop testing equipment according to different needs of products. The test parameters of the transient temperature measurement system can also be flexibly designed according to different needs of users' products to achieve the effect of tailor-made

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