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The auxiliary materials of Yihong door panel are excellent. The high-quality materials and the operation of Yihong professional technicians minimize the defects of the products. Yihong selects excellent materials to achieve the superior performance of its products. Insist, let the enterprise become the leader of today's solid wood door panel manufacturing industry

Yihong solid wood cabinet door panel has excellent auxiliary materials. The high-quality materials and the operation of Yihong professional technicians minimize the defects of the products. Yihong selects excellent materials to achieve the superior performance of its products. Insist, let the enterprise become the leader of today's solid wood cabinet door panel manufacturing industry

process technology shows originality

in many enterprises, product design and R & D has become the bottleneck of enterprise development. The R & D work requires designers not only to understand the professional knowledge of product design, but also to have an in-depth understanding of product process processing, and to have a full understanding of the tool style that needs to be used together. Every link of related products needs to be comprehensively mastered by the R & D team. It can be said that this requires strong human and material resources as support. This is also the dilemma faced by the entire cabinet industry. Yihong enterprises invest countless funds and energies in the training of designers every year. The enterprise always believes that only by consolidating the foundation can it develop healthily, and the partners who work together with the enterprise can really benefit

the hundreds of basic solid wood cabinet model doors presented in the thick product sample books of Huihong enterprise can be said to be just a leaf in the forest. The design of each product comes out with a thick data parameter map. Every shape of the door panel has a matching tool drawing. Every year, the enterprise will launch a variety of different door panel styles from time to time. The enterprise will send the independently designed tools to the tool manufacturer for customized processing, which will be applied in the field of door panel production. The customized amount of tools alone is increasing year by year. Through years of product research and development practice, the enterprise has summarized a set of product design parameters and compiled the product design manual of Yihong enterprise. Many enterprises can't process the door panel shape, which can be realized by care Hong enterprises. The design of the product involves all aspects, and the new product is by no means achieved overnight. Repeated deliberation and comparison tests ensure that the product can withstand the quality test of the process from the beginning of the drawing

nowadays, many enterprises pursue rapid new products. Designers are not familiar with the processing technology and tool performance, so they blindly design products. When entering the processing link, there is a phenomenon that the design and process cannot match, resulting in "difficult delivery" of new products, which virtually causes a huge waste of resources. After years of practice, Yihong enterprise has not only solved the difficult technical problems of arc doors, established complete data parameter indicators, but also improved the technical data and drawings of sample doors, so that product research and development can be on the right track, and the goal of standardized production of sample doors according to instructions can be smoothly achieved. In order to expand the vision of design, the enterprise regularly organizes designers to study abroad, visit foreign cabinet production enterprises, learn foreign advanced production and design experience and ideas, introduce foreign cutting-edge equipment and production technology into China, and drive the development of domestic solid wood door panel manufacturing industry. We also regularly organize product design training, skillfully integrate and absorb the essence of Chinese and Western culture, and fully show the vitality and life of the door panel. The enthusiasm and pace of learning are active inside and outside the enterprise. Yihong enterprise continues to explore the design concept. The design team is at the forefront of the popularity of the cabinet industry. With its keen tentacles, it captures the popular elements of the international cabinet industry. Over the years, it has continuously innovated in design concept and technology, and cultivated many professional design talents in the cabinet production industry. Laying a solid foundation will eventually achieve the development and growth of enterprise soft power

imported raw materials are strictly selected

good design requires the best raw materials to show artistic style. Yihong enterprise adopts pure imported wood from abroad, including red oak, white oak, hard maple, soft maple, Fraxinus mandshurica, black walnut, cherry wood, etc. Considering the characteristics of the wood itself, based on the stable supply chain and mature drying and health preservation processes abroad, the product stability is good. The imported materials have passed commodity inspection and quality inspection, and hold the import declaration form and origin certificate, so as to truly control the quality from the first place of raw materials. As an important raw material, the quality of wood directly determines the quality and life of products. In order to obtain high-quality wood, the stability of the wood supply chain has been verified many times through on-the-spot investigation in the domestic and international markets, and the wood production situation at home and abroad has been compared. Considering that there are vast and excellent broad-leaved forest resources in North America abroad, there are strict procedures for wood processing. It takes about a year from wood cutting to packing and transportation: the harvested logs can be peeled and cut into plates after being air dried for three months. After they continue to be placed for three months, they will be dried in a computer-controlled drying cellar for one month, opened for one month, and finally it will take three months for them to return water naturally in the air, Can be packed and transported. The rigorous standing and curing process makes the moisture content of wood controlled within the standard range, and there is no need to humidify and dry. The stability of wood is good. Although the shipment is faster than that of domestic wood, due to the limitations of forest resources, coupled with the seriousness of green space protection and simple processing process, the stability and supply of wood cannot be guaranteed. Yihong enterprise strives for perfection in selection. Last year, it newly launched the imported German wood project. German wood monopolizes the high quality of imported wood with its exquisite processing technology and rigorous manufacturing style, replacing Russian wood with rough production and relatively backward technology in the past. In the selection of auxiliary materials, the best is the best. Most of them choose environmental protection brands with qualified quality as their first choice. They import Italian proper and beautiful original environmental protection paint. The sandpaper used for grinding is from Denmark, South Korea and other places. The glue used for bonding and veneer glue are from Germany. The assembly glue is originally imported from Spain. Only with high-quality auxiliary materials with qualified quality can we produce high-quality products. Producing high-quality products with the best raw materials has become the tireless pursuit of every member of the enterprise

high end equipment temper quality

if you want to be good at something, you must first sharpen its tools. Only through advanced processing technology can we transform innovative designs and high-quality raw materials into good products that can be used. Yihong enterprise has made great efforts in the overall transformation of production equipment. In 2011 alone, the enterprise spent nearly 100 million yuan to introduce advanced numerical control production equipment from Germany and Italy to create multiple numerical control production lines. From the aspects of cutting, machining, assembly, grinding and painting, international first-class advanced numerical control equipment is used for production, which not only greatly improves the accuracy, but also makes great progress in production efficiency. Relying on its international vision and dedicated spirit, Yihong enterprise has successively introduced several manufacturing equipment from Germany and Italy. The electronic cutting saw realizes the combined operation of multiple saw blades, which can process multiple pieces of wood at one time, with high processing accuracy and low wood waste rate, improving the production efficiency of the raw material workshop. When domestic enterprises have no numerical control equipment for linear modeling, Yihong enterprise is the first to purchase the powermat500 numerical control equipment produced by German Weili company, which makes the linear modeling accuracy of Yihong enterprise reach the international leading level. The comprehensive dust removal equipment in the Netherlands enables the production workshop to fully meet European standards. The automatic assembly machine adopts light sensing to identify the size of the door panel, and the pressure system is adjusted automatically. There is no need for manual intervention in the whole process, so that the assembly process of the door panel meets international standards, and shows the rigorous production attitude of the enterprise to be careful about every detail. The Italian cutting-edge digital paint line can set the painting path at any track. With the use of Italian imported paint, the painting is uniform, the thickness is consistent, the paint quality is greatly improved, and the overall production capacity of the painting process is improved; The imported Cefla three-dimensional drying furnace realizes the constant temperature drying of the door panel, and uses advanced numerical control technology to ensure the excellent quality of the paint film. Many advanced numerical control equipment have brought the solid wood door panel production industry into the era of numerical control production. The accuracy, efficiency, quality and other aspects have been comprehensively improved, the product quality is more stable and reliable, and has won extensive cooperation in many fields

multiple quality inspection is strictly controlled

efficient management is like a master key, which is not only the realization of optimal allocation of enterprise resources, but also a supervision barrier for product quality. Nowadays, almost every enterprise puts scientific management on its agenda. How can we maximize the high-end quality of products? It is not easy to ensure that every door panel is perfect. Yihong enterprise has been committed to the improvement of product quality for many years to prevent a defective door panel from entering the market. There are times when people are careless. Only a sound quality inspection system is a good defender of product quality. Strictly control the quality, uphold the enterprise spirit of being practical and precise, set up a management team with departments and workshops as units to carry out rotation inspection and mutual inspection, implement the responsibility system in each quality inspection link, and timely find and correct the problems in each link. The significance of quality inspection has been raised to a new level by enterprises. The growth process of Yihong enterprise for ten years, step by step, makes all Yihong people realize that product quality is the real meaning of enterprise life. To win the market with high-quality products and services is by no means empty talk. Each solid wood door panel has to go through nearly 40 basic processing procedures, and the products with special process requirements are more than that. Mistakes in any process will affect product quality. Here, mutual inspection and self inspection are particularly important. Every day, repeated self inspection and mutual inspection are carried out silently in all workshops, and quality awareness is established from the level of employees' awareness. General manager Wang Hong once said, "unqualified model doors are like moths. Wherever they are placed, they are a disaster." The enterprise has a unified understanding from top to bottom, and cares about the enterprise to form a habit of not letting a problematic door plank appear in the workshop. At the same time, this kind of self-management is imperceptibly transformed into work, and employees are liberated from the mode of being managed. Self-management enables enterprise members to have broader creative space, and work efficiency and quality are greatly improved. In the process of self-management of members, the enterprise realizes the ultimate purpose of enterprise management. At the bottom of our hearts, we will firmly build a solid quality defense line to guard the quality gate of Yihong. In order to better realize the scientific management of enterprises, ERP management system is also introduced. In the system, you can see that each disassembled product order is placed in the designated workshop, and the product specification data is clear at a glance, realizing the seamless connection between the order and the production order, simplifying the communication process, and improving the overall efficiency of the enterprise. We can also track all the information about the manufacturer, inspector, processing date, factory records and so on involved in each door panel. The quality of each process is truthfully entered into the ERP system. Unqualified products also have records of rework or destruction. Accurate and clear front-line production data and scientific digital management platform enable the enterprise to further implement the production spirit of being practical and refined




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