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In recent years, due to the improvement of people's living standards, the basic requirements of doors and windows can no longer meet people's needs for modern doors and windows. Fashion, beauty, heat preservation, heat insulation and so on are meaningful to meet people's needs. Today, Xiaobian will analyze with you what quality requirements do thermal insulation aluminum alloy doors and windows need

doors and windows of buildings are components of the peripheral structure of buildings and sensitive parts of building heat exchange. Their energy consumption per unit area is 5-6 times that of walls, and the heat loss of doors and windows accounts for more than 40% of the whole building. There are three ways of heat loss of doors and windows outside buildings: heat conduction loss through aluminum alloy profiles; Second, the loss of radiant heat through glass; Third, the heat loss of air convection through the gaps of doors and windows. Therefore, the production of heat preservation and energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows should also be considered from these three aspects

1. Aluminum alloy profiles

aluminum alloy materials are good conductors of heat, and most of them have high thermal conductivity. To make thermal insulation glass, it is necessary to select profiles with thermal insulation and Bridge breaking treatment, that is, to cut off the heat conduction path of profiles, so as to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation. Ingres adopts high-precision titanium magnesium aluminum alloy + bridge breaking aluminum profile (yonglijian aluminum, the top ten brands in the aluminum industry)

2. Sealing material

the sealant for thermal insulation doors and windows should be weather resistant adhesive, the sealant strip should be neoprene products with excellent ozone corrosion resistance and ultraviolet aging resistance, and the overlapping part of door and window leaves should be set with more than three sealant strips. EPDM sealant strip and automobile grade sealant strip (Jiangyin Haida sealant strip) have better sealing effect, aging resistance and wear resistance

3. Glass

insulating doors and windows need to use insulating glass, because the cavity between insulating glass is full of dry and static air, which greatly reduces the thermal conductivity. Therefore, insulating glass has excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, frost condensation resistance and condensation performance. The glass thickness of commonly used insulating glass is 5-6mm, and the common cavity thickness is 9mm and 12mm. Angel glass is one of the top ten brands produced by Taiwan glass and the largest comprehensive glass company in China. National 3C certification, PICC underwriting


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