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1. Small furniture is the first choice

in the case of limited space, small furniture is your first choice. Small furniture takes up less use area than ordinary furniture, which makes people feel that the space seems to have become larger. The first choice of furniture in the small living room is the low sofa. This kind of sofa has a low design, no armrest, streamlined shape, which makes the space feel smoother when placed in the living room. According to the size of the living room, you can choose three people, two people or 1 + 1 type, coupled with a small round table or mini TV cabinet, so that the space feels much larger. Then try to choose arc shape. The furniture with edges and corners divides the space into pieces, which makes the small space look messy

2. Hoshi furniture extends our horizons with more fashionable oriental flavor

the internationally popular Oriental Zen flavor makes Japanese style Hoshi furniture popular. This style is like a duck to water in a small space. Most of the Hexi furniture tend to be miniaturized. At the same time, most of the Hexi furniture show a low appearance, with simple and simple lines, which simplifies the lines of the space and makes the room look clean and tidy as a whole

most of the furniture furnishings in the general home are developed upward, but the furniture in the Hexi has brought alternative thinking, that is, the furniture is developed downward, which greatly reduces the height of vision, so that the visual burden is reduced, and the feeling space is widened

3. Light furniture simplifies space

the so-called light furniture is the furniture with light texture, which makes the space feel expanded. According to materials, light furniture includes glass, rattan, wood, etc

glass is penetrating and has a cool feeling. Furniture made entirely of glass extends the line of sight infinitely and is the furniture that can expand the space most. Recently, the use of frosted glass and patterned glass on some cabinet doors is more common in the market, so that tall cabinet furniture is not oppressive in space, but also has the effect of expanding space

rattan furniture looks very casual and comfortable, and it is also very convenient to move, which is conducive to the change of indoor space. Soft and light wooden furniture is also a good partner for softening space. In a small room, wood furniture with light light colors such as maple color can make the space more simple and flexible

in terms of shape, light furniture refers to furniture such as armless chairs. When the space is not wide, we should pay more attention to small places. Armless chairs and small sofas can greatly save space

4. Functional furniture uses space flexibly

functional furniture is rich in changes, and its shape can be changed according to the needs of space. This kind of furniture that can change with space is most needed in small rooms. Such as foldable dining tables, tables and chairs with wheels, etc. The foldable dining table is the first choice for small rooms. This kind of dining table has the best choice of circular arc shape. It is usually used as a small dining table and workbench. When there are many guests, it can be lengthened and widened

the multi-purpose sofa that can be combined into a big bed is also the choice of a small room, so that a space can also be used for two purposes, both as a living room and a bedroom

5. How can furniture be arranged to make the space feel bigger

this is also a little tricky. Small living room can try triangle pendulum. Taking the tea table as the center and making the sofas on both sides triangular can save a lot of space. Let's try it today. Circular arc pendulum is to choose circular arc furniture as much as possible, such as round tables and round chairs, so that the space is smooth and becomes more spacious

6, light color system, warm color system: a good partner of small space

light color system and warm color system can expand the space and make the space feel bigger

in recent years, the practice of abandoning snow-white walls has become more and more common. Use warm colors, such as yellow, orange, red or pink, to make the space expand and enlarge. In addition, if the pattern in the home is not very complete, I'm afraid to use too many colors to produce the feeling of dividing a space. You can use the paint of the same color system, and gradually change from deep to light, connecting the space and making it larger. In addition, the use of home decoration cloth can also achieve the effect of expanding space. The blue and white tones close to the sky color are used to create visual comfort, making people feel like they are in the refreshing nature. In a small space, the color of home decoration cloth should not be too miscellaneous. If the same color system matches and echoes each other, the feeling will be better

7. Tips for expanding space

mirror: the reflection of the mirror can double the space feeling. Sticking a whole mirror on the narrow wall of a home can create the illusion of an extended space; Or, in a small space, pasting a few pieces of collage small mirrors can also expand the space a lot

hollowed out: for buildings in the middle of the building, hollowed out stairs are used to create a sense of space penetration, so that the upstairs and downstairs are connected without depression

daylighting: using natural light or light can expand the space in the home. Such as large French windows, the introduction of natural light, so that the space expands a lot

screen: it is a good way to activate space and reduce visual obstruction by using the screen as an activity interval to replace the wall





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