Various styles of Pop Mix and match to form a harm

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Home decoration style will be more diversified, and there is less possibility of a pure style in the room, and the space for designers to play freely will be larger and larger. The combination of primitive and high-tech, gorgeous and simple, national and modern, and various styles will achieve a natural and harmonious home style. In the first two years of the popularity of simple style, people have gradually abandoned the decoration method of doing some complex shapes at home. Simple home design can make the room appear transparent, bright and spacious, which is favored by people. The trend of "light decoration, heavy decoration" is becoming more and more intense, which makes the variety of home accessories dazzling. Designers and ordinary consumers like to decorate the room with personalized jewelry and even change the home style

flower design revival

flowers will also become one of the main popular elements. This worship of flowers is reflected in bedding, wallpaper, hanging paintings, home textile accessories and other aspects, such as the "sundew flower field" and "memory of flowers" series of golden sun. These flower pattern decorations will subvert the traditional balanced design concept, sometimes elegant, sometimes jumping, so that people can enjoy the happiness and warmth of colorful years

imitation show is difficult to distinguish the imitation between

materials. It is one of the most visible games this year. Ceramic tiles imitate sandstone, mosaics, cloth patterns, etc., while coatings imitate wallpaper, marble, ceramics, etc. these products, which are called simulation series by insiders, can imitate the effects of almost all traditional decoration materials, and their application scope has also been expanded. Their lifelike artistic effects and texture make outsiders really don't know the true face of Lushan Mountain

tribal ethnic mix and match

the design inspiration of tribal style originally came from the vast land of Africa. This style with strong ethnic characteristics, such as simple tone and excellent hand feel materials, is most suitable for adding fun and texture to neutral tone rooms. Neutral walls are paired with dark solid wood and wicker furniture to create a soothing visual contrast. Delicate strokes in the use of color, such as orange glass products and green natural plants, have become interesting highlights in neutral themes





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