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Hebei Dongguang promoted the development of the leading industry of carton machinery with standards

in December last year, the two provincial and local standards of "nailing machine" and "corrugated board multi-functional printing machine" were officially released and implemented. In May this year, the Hebei provincial local standard "box gluing machine" was approved. With these new standards, we have changed the lagging situation of product standards in the carton packaging industry and created a sustainable and healthy development environment. We are confident to do better. This is the voice of the person in charge of Hebei Dongguang Xintian carton machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. after the formulation of a series of local standards in the carton packaging industry

the carton machinery industry in Dongguang County started in the 1970s. At present, it has nearly 400 related enterprises and is one of the four characteristic industries in Dongguang County. With the advantages of rapid development, large group scale and large market space, the industry has become a dynamic, potential and vitality industry in the county. The county has been named the hometown of China's carton packaging machinery and has become a large production base of carton packaging machinery in the north

with the rapid development of carton machinery industry and the continuous expansion of production scale, some urgent problems in the industry are gradually exposed. It is understood that only oneortwo of the 10 major categories of products in the carton machinery industry have national or industrial standards, and most of the products do not have unified production standards. Disordered competition in the market occurs from time to time. A few enterprises seize market share by means of reducing costs, removing safety devices and lowering quality standards, resulting in increased product energy consumption and potential safety hazards, affecting and restricting the upgrading and sound and rapid development of the industry. Enterprises can not compete on the same starting line with the automatic and manual modes to obtain the experimental results. Due to the lack of unified standards for product quality, the carton machinery industry cannot develop to a higher level. In the past, when it came to product standards, Li Guangyi, chairman of Hebei Shengli carton equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., always looked helpless

in view of various problems in the development of carton machinery industry, Dongguang County takes the enterprise standard as an important means to break through the bottleneck in the development of carton machinery industry, helps enterprises establish and improve the standardization system, actively encourages and guides enterprises to participate in the formulation and revision of standards, promotes the integration of independent innovation and technical standards, improves the core competitiveness of the industry, and promotes the expansion and strengthening of industrial clusters. The Bureau has held discussions and communicated with industry associations and competent departments for many times. After full investigation, it has put forward the idea of formulating provincial and local standards for carton packaging machinery, which has received positive response from enterprises. In May, 2011, the Bureau assisted and guided Dongguang Hongrui Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. and Dongguang Shengli Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. to draft provincial and local standards for nailing machine and multi-functional printing machine, which were approved and issued in December of that year. This year, the Bureau applied for the local standard project of Hebei Province on which parts of water-free, acid free and other hybrid electronic universal machines are easy to be damaged, which has been approved by Hebei Province. After the release of provincial local standards for this product, the coverage of Hebei local standards for this industry will reach 92%

at present, many enterprises in the county give full play to the leading role of standards in promoting enterprise independent innovation and product technology frontier, and have newly embarked on technical transformation projects. The development momentum of industrialization, branding and clustering is good. The new product Xintian xt-d-2600 high-speed water-based printing slotting die-cutting machine developed by Dongguang Xintian carton machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. this year won the product title of Hebei Province. In the first half of this year, the carton machinery industry in the county achieved a total industrial output value of 2.41 billion yuan and a sales revenue of 2.095 billion yuan under the economic downturn. When talking about the implementation effect of product standards, the person in charge of a corrugated cardboard production enterprise with steel strand twister technology in Jinan said: Although my enterprise is not large, I am not worried about competing with large enterprises because we use unified standards, and the product quality is also reliable. After the adoption of the new standard, the output of our enterprise has increased by 15%~25% compared with the previous one. Our products are exported to Henan, Gansu, Xinjiang and other places, and the supply exceeds the demand

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