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Hebei promotes the upgrading of the printing and packaging industry to become a strong cultural province. At present, it is the key time for the expert review of the 2010 China publishing government award (printing and reproduction Award). After the preliminary evaluation and re evaluation from November 13 to 14, 25 products of the printing award stood out among 142 participating in the evaluation; After the initial and repeated evaluation from the 23rd to the 24th, 20 products have also been shortlisted for the final evaluation. The final evaluation of the two awards will be conducted at the same time on the 29th. At that time, there will be 5 government awards and 10 nomination awards in the printing and reproduction categories of China publishing government awards. The format of the printing experiment report meets the requirements of the national standard

this year's China printing and reproduction government award selection is more mature in the first selection of basic products, which are mainly used for automotive interior and exterior decoration and composite profiles for aviation, high-speed rail and ships. The evaluation form and participating products are different from those of the previous one. In the review of printing government awards, there were 13 review members. The distribution management department of the General Administration of publication in 2010 organized review experts to analyze each shortlisted work and write written appraisal comments one by one. Through text identification, it summarizes the quality level of China's printing reproduction products during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. At the same time, it also makes a detailed analysis of the quality defects in the current excellent printing products, so as to put forward higher requirements for product quality and enterprise quality management, guide the future direction of quality management, and make the printing quality more perfect. The review experts believe that the overall standard of the printing products participating in the evaluation is better than that of the first session. In particular, some enterprises have submitted green printing products that meet environmental protection standards for evaluation, which has become a prominent feature of this printing government award. However, even the products with outstanding quality still have some shortcomings, such as the lack of pre press and post press detail processing, uneven pre press color processing of different pictures of some products, incomplete post press process links of some products, etc

the review of government awards for replication pays more attention to product data detection. There are 11 members and 6 testing institutions participating in the review of the replication award. Each product is tested by at least 2 testing units. The zenghuafeng spandex announcement with large data gap is subject to a third-party re inspection, which increases the reliability of the data compared with the previous review. It is noteworthy that, prior to this, the quality supervision and testing center of published products of the General Administration of publication established the reproduction quality testing department, which imported DVD testing equipment from Sweden. This time, they used special equipment to test some of the products participating in the evaluation. Through participating in the review, the quality inspection center of the General Administration of quality once again realized the importance of equipment and equipment to the construction of quality inspection institutions. For the CD products submitted for evaluation, the review experts said that in the CD production quality management, the test data is very important, and the enterprise must be equipped with corresponding test instruments, otherwise the reliable product quality can not be guaranteed at all. The person in charge of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of the people's Republic of China disclosed that in order to strengthen the quality management of CD-ROM reproduction, reproduction enterprises will not equip themselves with basic testing instruments in the future, and will not pass the annual inspection. It is understood that in addition to CDs and DVDs, there are also high-definition discs promoted by new technologies in recent years

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