Hebei Province will reduce coal consumption by 500

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In 2015, Hebei Province will reduce coal consumption by 5million tons. According to the environmental protection department of Hebei Province (Hebei Province, the same below), this year, the province's environmental protection work should highlight the three key actions of atmosphere, water and rural areas, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of "strict prevention at the source, strict management in the process and severe punishment for the consequences", and spare no effort to build an ecological environment support area in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. Among them, Hebei province regards coal control as the top priority of air pollution prevention and control

the main tasks and objectives of this year's environmental protection work in Hebei Province are: to fully complete the "12th Five Year Plan" emission reduction targets and tasks, and reduce the total emissions of four major pollutants, namely, chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, by 1%, 2.5%, 1% and 5.1% respectively compared with the previous year. The ambient air quality of 11 cities divided into districts and 2 counties (cities) under provincial administration has been greatly improved over the previous year, and the annual average concentration of PM2.5 has decreased by more than 4% over the previous year. The proportion of national and provincial monitoring sections (points) of surface water in the province that are better than Class III (including class III) water quality reaches more than 50%, the surface quenching hardness is hrc58 (6) 2, the proportion of sections (points) of inferior class V water quality drops to less than 25%, and the centralized drinking water source in cities with districts is stable and up to standard

regard coal control as the top priority of air pollution prevention and control. This year, Hebei Province will focus on Implementing "coal control projects" such as total coal reduction, clean and efficient utilization of coal, emission control of industrial coal-fired boilers, and clean energy substitution, and achieve a reduction of 5million tons of coal consumption throughout the year. Unswervingly promote the "6643" project. We will focus on coordinated governance, comprehensively implement the ultra-low emission transformation of thermal power units and the standard governance of key industries such as steel, cement and coking, and carry out the governance of volatile organic compounds in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Centralized control of unorganized emissions from industrial stockyards, and study and issue the policy of dust discharge fee

taking the watershed in sensitive areas as a breakthrough to improve the water environment quality, Hebei Province should comprehensively manage the Baiyangdian watershed and comprehensively improve the water quality, which is a real innovation in the early 21st century, so as to restore and protect the natural features and ecological functions of Baiyangdian. The comprehensive improvement of the environment of 14 heavily polluted rivers in the province was promoted, and the water quality of wangyanggou, Wulie River, Xinji open channel and other water bodies improved significantly during the year

to deepen pollution reduction, Hebei Province should focus on key industries and accelerate the construction of pollution control projects. By the end of June 2015, 606 emission reduction projects in the four major industries of steel, cement and power glass should be completed and the emission reduction benefits should be brought into play. We promoted cleaner production audit and pollution prevention benchmarking of 227 enterprises. We will accelerate the upgrading of sewage treatment plants and enhance their capacity for in-depth treatment

to implement the "clean home" clean village project, Hebei Province should focus on the treatment of domestic waste and sewage, and comprehensively improve the rural environment in nine key areas, including Zhengding, Pingshan, Chongli and Baiyangdian. Improve the soil pollution prevention and control system and define the ecological function red line areas of the whole province. Explore the establishment of a normal supervision mechanism of "integration of open space"

at the same time, Hebei Province should strengthen environmental protection law enforcement, carry out the special action of "cutting pollution with a sharp sword" to crack down on crimes, and improve the deterrence of environmental law enforcement. Strengthen the strength of grassroots supervision and law enforcement gb/t16825 (1) 997 "inspection of tensile testing machines", so as to move the pass forward and the tentacle downward. Establish an environmental supervision system for key areas to carry out special supervision for key areas where environmental problems are prominent. 3. When determining elongation after fracture (a)

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