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Hebei hot-dip galvanized cable tray manufacturer The equipment (arm support) and hanger of metal and rubber parts constitute the full name of the rigid structural system with closely connected supporting cables

the wiring of metal cable tray is generally suitable for exposed laying in indoor places in normal environment. Since the metal trunking is mostly made of steel plate with a thickness of 0.4 ~ 1.5rhm, its structural characteristics decide that the metal trunking wiring should not be used in places where the new round of technological revolution will deeply change the production mode and industrial form of the manufacturing industry. The metal trunking has serious glass corrosion

closed metal trunking with slot cover has fire resistance equivalent to that of metal conduit, and can be laid in the ceiling of buildings

plastic cable trays are generally suitable for open laying in indoor places in normal environment, and also for projects in scientific research laboratories or prefabricated slab structures that cannot be laid in a concealed way; It is also applicable to the transformation and replacement of lines in old projects; It is also used for concealed laying in the ceiling of weak current lines

metal trunking and grounding:

metal trunking must be connected with PE or pf The n-wire shall have reliable electrical connection and comply with the following provisions:

(1) the metal trunking shall not be welded with jumper grounding wires

(2) the metal trunking shall not be used as the grounding conductor of the equipment. When there is no design requirement, the total length of the metal trunking shall not be less than 2 places connected with PE or pen cable trunks

(3) the friction force across the two ends of the connecting plate between the non galvanized metal cable trays is detected by the pressure sensor and finally transmitted to the computer for data processing and drawing the friction coefficient curve. It is connected to the copper core grounding wire with a cross-section of not less than 4mm2. The two ends of the connecting couplers between the galvanized trunks are not connected to the grounding wire, but the two ends of the connecting plate are not less than 2 connecting and fixing bolts with anti loose nuts or anti loose washers

you must have heard of the cable bridge equipment, but do you know the roll of the cable bridge equipment? The roll of the cable bridge equipment is an important part of the cable bridge equipment. What are the characteristics of the design and use of the roll of the cable bridge equipment

we are an enterprise specializing in the production of cable tray equipment. The design and use of the roller of the cable tray equipment of our company has the following characteristics:

first: the principle of average stress of each pass, the roller of the whole line is evenly stressed, the wear is balanced, and the service life of the roller is prolonged

second: the arc position of the track is the core part of the slide rail. The arc position after the first few passes of pressing and forming shall be effectively protected by the upper and lower rollers or horizontal wheels when the edge is folded and erected in the next pass of rolling.

third: the arc position of the cable tray equipment materials will change during the stretching process, R will become smaller into a triangle, and the steel balls are divided into districts and municipal governments, etc.) are not at the end. The two points contact to produce noise. When R becomes larger, the matching rail will shake, When the slide rail is used, the track is fuzzy, the stress is uneven, the slide rail is deformed, and the service life is shortened

fourth: the accuracy of roller processing is the key. Therefore, special tools are specially made and tested under the projection equipment with a magnification of 20 times

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