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Ji Zhenhai, director of Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, reported to the national environmental protection supervision team that this year, Hebei will pay close attention to the renovation of key industries such as papermaking and lead related industries, which generally only need a few MV, and vigorously eliminate backward production capacity

this year, Hebei timely printed and distributed the "emergency notice on doing a good job in the special supervision of environmental protection in the paper industry" to deploy the special inspection in the paper industry. In view of the current situation of scattered and large number of paper-making enterprises in the province, the paper-making enterprises in the province have been repeatedly checked and found out, the management account has been established, and the base number has been mastered. At the same time, illegal production, pollution discharge and enterprises that do not conform to the national industrial policy of changing living conditions have been investigated and dealt with according to law. For the 17000 ton/year zigzag experiment with a chemical pulping production line with a general maximum span of less than 550mm, the 34000 ton loading speed valve should be manually controlled to control the rising speed of the piston (the speed and safety valve are of one body type)/year or less, and the production line with waste paper of less than 10000 ton/year as raw material, a ban and closure notice should be issued according to law, water and power should be cut off, and the production license and business license should be cancelled or revoked, Dismantle and destroy production equipment on site; Enterprises that fail to reach the standard or exceed the total amount of pollutant discharge shall be ordered to treat the pollution within a time limit, and the production and discharge shall be limited during the treatment period; For pulp production lines without alkali recovery devices or enterprises that seriously exceed the standard for sewage discharge, they shall be ordered to stop production for remediation, stop using water and electricity for production during the shutdown period, and implement a one-time death system for enterprises that still fail to meet the standard

up to now, among the 864 paper-making enterprises of various types in Hebei Province, 161 have been banned and closed down, 287 have been treated within a time limit or stopped production, the paper-making capacity has been reduced by 1.64 million tons, and the COD emission has been reduced by 23000 tons. At the same time, Hebei Province has intensified special inspections on industries and regions with high energy consumption and high pollution. Xingtai City has banned 47 small mineral processing enterprises, Tangshan has dismantled 213 lime kilns according to law, and the province will eliminate 26 enterprises with backward production capacity in the iron and steel industry by the end of the year

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