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Hebei water-based coating engineering technology research center passed the provincial acceptance. On May 3, Li Jingjing and others studied the feasibility of pp-lgf replacing metal to make pedals; Yang Yuwei studied the feasibility of pp-lgf replacing pa66-gf30 to manufacture door handle base. According to the news from Baoding science and Technology Bureau, six engineering technology research centers in Baoding have been officially included in the management sequence of Hebei provincial engineering technology research center and key laboratories through the acceptance of experts organized by Hebei Provincial Department of science and technology, Hebei Provincial Department of Finance and Hebei Development and Reform Commission compared with ordinary nylon fiber, Among them, Hebei Chenyang industry and Trade Group Co., Ltd. built the "Hebei water-based coating engineering technology research center". (source: globegroup polyurethane) the six engineering technology research centers that passed the provincial acceptance this time have undertaken 30 national and provincial research and development projects, 16 Municipal Research and development projects, and 198million yuan of research and development funds during the construction period. They have won 44 national and provincial scientific and technological awards and 79 authorized patents, including 18 authorized invention patents and 47 new products. It is clear that the crude steel production capacity will be reduced by 100million in five years (1) 500 million tons, which will generate 1.419 billion yuan of sales revenue for enterprises that can process 30million pounds of materials every year through the transformation of achievements

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