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The development trend of intelligent building group


the pace of the times has strided into the glorious twenty-firstcentury. With the popularization of computer technology and the rapid development of information industry, intelligent building group has become the inevitable trend of the development of modern architecture and property management. Smart buildings are called "smart house" - wise house in the United States, and "smart home" - smart home in Europe. The United States and North America have also built "cashless communities". The development and progress of human society give us space for imagination, and the development of science and technology makes this imagination a reality

network technology is highly mature, broadband enters the home, TV video broadcast signal transmission, VOD program transmission, video conference, IP and visualization, telemedicine, digital library and other functions. The intelligent building group gives the residents of the residential area a reliable sense of security. The video monitoring system of the residential area has installed cameras at the relevant entrances and exits, and a monitoring control screen is set in the management center of the residential area. The camera transmits the image to the management center, so as to monitor and record in real time and master the dynamics of the residential area. Residents set up a visitor intercom system and an alarm system to remotely open the anti-theft door to prevent illegal people from entering the community building and ensure the safety of residents. In case of a critical situation, you can immediately call the management center of the community for timely assistance. Through information transmission, monitoring and controlling the operation of public equipment in the residential area, and mastering the complete data of property management, the residential area management center measures the total consumption of water, electricity and gas in the residential area and each household, so as to create a comfortable and convenient living environment for residents

the residential area has also realized the replacement of cash with electronic money, whose functions include credit card, network settlement, electronic exchange, information security and credit. It has greatly improved the quality of life of human settlements. Therefore, the development of IT industry will greatly change all aspects of people's work and life, which is the inevitable result of the combination of information technology development and broader market

composition of intelligent building group community

intelligent building group community is composed of intelligent property system IBS (intelligent building system) and property management information system MIS (Management Information System). Intelligent property system is based on computer technology, through the combination of information technology, including communication technology and electronic technology, and modern building technology. It embeds various automation systems in buildings to provide automatic application functions in multiple directions. Below, we will introduce in detail the constituent systems and relevant characteristics of intelligent property system IBS and property management information system MIS, which are invested and constructed by many enterprises in other places and abroad:

first, the constituent system of intelligent property system IBS

A - building automation system - BA (building automation systems) is to strengthen the production of products and raw materials in contact with food, as well as safety, health and quality control; Accelerate the development and utilization of high-end polyolefin pipeline special materials, series of rotational molding special materials, 3D printing consumables, medical plastics, bio based polymers, bio decomposition plastics, bio based plastics and other special materials; Accelerate the development and utilization of multi-functional alloy materials such as conductive, heat conductive, antibacterial, temperature resistant, anti fog, high toughness, super strength and flame retardant; Accelerate the production and utilization of special engineering plastics and high-performance modified materials such as aromatic heterocyclic polymers and their high-performance composites; Accelerate the research, development and utilization of green plasticizers and heat stabilizers. The essence of building automation is the automation of various supporting facilities and equipment of buildings. It is the most basic function of intelligent property

b - Communication Automation System - Ca (Communication Automation Systems) system. The communication automation system is to connect various information processing systems in the property into one, so as to achieve the purpose of free exchange of information. It can easily connect with international information networks to form a high-speed communication system

c - office automation system - OA (office automation systems) system. Office automation is the application of information technology to connect all kinds of office equipment, combining text, data, image, language and information processing functions into one system, so as to improve office efficiency and office quality

d - Security Automation System SA (security automation systems) system. The security automation system applies information technology to the security deployment of the whole property, which is the most important system to ensure the personal and property safety in the property

it uses microwave and infrared detection equipment as an auxiliary to ensure the monitoring of personnel in and out of important parts, form a comprehensive security monitoring network, and exchange information with other automatic systems. When an emergency occurs, the security automation system can timely alarm, receive the alarm and record the event situation, and make accurate guidance for the handled event

e - Fire Automation System fa (fire aut how to delay skin aging and maintain skin firmness and elasticity has also become the key 1omation systems of major skin care brands' R & D). Fire fighting automation system is a linkage system of automatic alarm. In case of abnormal conditions, the automatic fire control system can alarm and receive the alarm in time; When a fire alarm occurs, the fire extinguishing equipment can be automatically started to put out the fire in time

f - management automation system - MA (management automation systems) system. Management automation system is a management process that unifies various self-contained automation systems through computers, and finally realizes information sharing and system linkage, so as to perfectly realize the intelligent property management

second, the characteristics of intelligent property system IBS

intelligent building community, as a new international technology and new concept in the 1990s, has been widely used in foreign construction and property management industries. In 1984, Hartford, Connecticut, United States, transformed an old financial building, using computer control for air conditioning, elevators, lighting, anti-theft and other equipment in the building, and applying computer network technology to provide customers with information services such as word processing, e-mail and intelligence data, This is the world's recognized first smart building - city hopes to jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the polyurethane industry y place building. Since then, the U.S. National Security Agency and the Pentagon have followed suit and transformed into intelligent buildings with high-tech equipment. So far, there are more than 10000 intelligent buildings in the United States. Today, 60% of the new buildings in Japan are smart buildings. The first intelligent building in China is the development building in Beijing. Subsequently, Shenzhen Diwang building, Beijing West Railway Station and Shanghai Securities Building were all intelligent buildings. These intelligent property buildings have the following characteristics:

A - all automation systems are integrated on the same network

b - all automatic system operations are centralized in a unified computer operation control platform

c - each automation system can share a database

d -- it can monitor all automation systems and residential systems through the central processing unit of the computer

an intelligent property building with the above characteristics is equivalent to a residential nerve and family network

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