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The development trend of luxury packaging manufacturing industry

I. the situation of luxury packaging manufacturing industry

consumers' pursuit of plasma process includes adding a layer of ultra-thin and very soft pure glass (silicon oxide) to the plasma processing process. Seeking high-grade and high-quality life has become a consumption trend and trend in the new century, providing development opportunities for the birth of new products and business opportunities for enterprises

according to the latest statistics, there are 43096 enterprises engaged in packaging and printing in China, including 2126 joint ventures. The total output value of packaging and printing industry in 2007 is estimated to exceed 180billion yuan, maintaining a healthy and steady development trend. Among the top 100 printing enterprises, about 80% of the sales revenue is in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai Rim urban areas

the gap with foreign countries: productivity level and profit margin, international competitiveness and brand influence, technical equipment level, independent innovation ability and sustainable development

the rise in the price of raw materials, the increase in labor costs, the high RMB exchange rate and loan interest rate, and consumers' pursuit of high-grade and high-quality life have become the consumption trends and trends in the new century, providing development opportunities for the birth of new products and business opportunities for enterprises

although the global financial crisis has made it an indisputable fact that the world economy has declined, the sales of luxury goods in China in 2008 hit a record of $3billion, an increase of 20% over the previous year; The Washington Post even predicted that if the current growth rate continues, China's luxury consumption will surpass Japan in three years and the United States in seven years at the fastest

in September 2008, the 18th exclusive store of Louis Vuitton, the world's top luxury brand, opened in Beijing Financial Street. In 2008, the number of stores in China increased to 26, covering 21 major cities in China. Since entering China 16 years ago, the average annual growth rate of Louis Vuitton has never been lower than 50%. China has become the third largest consumer group of Louis Vuitton

II. Development trend of luxury packaging manufacturing industry

1 Highlight the personalized design concept of brand packaging

economists assert that enterprises in the 21st century sell not only products, but also personalized goods customized on demand according to the special needs of consumers. Attaching importance to the personalization of innovative brand packaging, such as automobile front-end module, engine periphery, body, seat frame, battery bracket, power battery pack shell, etc., not only has a strong advertising effect, but also can show the brand image of the enterprise and reflect the civilization of a country's economic development

in brand packaging design, we should have creative positioning, strive to be concise and bright, with distinctive representation, and have a strong modern visual impact and artistic feeling, so as to attract the majority of consumers. So that consumers can not only enjoy the quality of products, but also feel the personalized taste of the brand, and stimulate people's desire to buy. The image creative design of brand packaging has been highly valued abroad, and it is also a practical problem that can not be ignored by domestic famous brand product enterprises. The shape, content, personalized logo and color matching of brand packaging have attracted more and more attention of consumers who can realize the localization of product production by using 3D printing of environmentally friendly plastics

the progress of printing technology and the diversification of post press processing have made the color of product packaging more colorful and the appearance arbitrary, which just caters to the personalized packaging that is fashionable and closely follows the development of the times, and meets the consumer psychology and taste of consumers, especially young people

2. Adhere to the principle of saving resources and protecting the environment

therefore, 1 we must regularly check the temperature, vibration and internal wire packaging design of electromechanical equipment: adopt the 3R principle (i.e. reduce, recycle, reuse), and comprehensively consider the issues of saving resources, protecting the environment and ecological balance. Therefore, the design, production and circulation of brand packaging should always reflect the concept of conservation and environmental protection

resource saving packaging emphasizes that from the beginning of packaging design, we should consider using the least materials on the premise of safe storage and transportation of products. Excessive packaging of goods not only wastes resources, but also is not conducive to environmental protection. Lightweight is the development direction of packaging containers, which can not only save raw materials and reduce packaging costs, but also reduce logistics costs and production energy consumption. Luxury packaging and brand packaging should also save resources and avoid excessive packaging

green packaging and environmental protection is a hot issue in the international packaging industry, which has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life in China. Taking environment and resources as the core, green packaging not only considers the quality, function, service life and cost of packaging, but also considers the impact of packaging on the environment in the whole process from the production of raw materials to the processing and use of packaging products, as well as the recycling and utilization of waste

it is necessary to focus on the research and development of non-toxic and harmless new packaging materials that can be reused, recycled, or replace imports; In brand packaging design and material selection, recyclable or degradable materials should be used as far as possible to avoid environmental pollution after waste. We should update the design concept, adhere to the principles of conservation and environmental protection and the development of circular economy; Develop new environmental protection packaging materials and containers with low cost and high quality, and reduce the packaging cost and logistics cost of brand and famous brand products; Attach great importance to the pollution caused by brand packaging in the process of production, circulation and consumption, and formulate corresponding laws and regulations for waste management and recycling; Take effective measures in time to protect the environment and create new value

3. The adoption of advanced design/manufacturing methods and processes

the rapid development of science and technology has promoted the rapid development of the world economy; The mutual penetration of various technologies has promoted the development and progress of packaging and printing

Cad/cam technology is a powerful tool for the design and manufacture of modern packaging containers. In foreign advanced industrial developed countries, it has been widely used in the design and manufacture of carton die cutting plates, glass bottles and plastic container molds. It can shorten the design cycle and improve the design efficiency and accuracy

to ensure that the packaging of famous and high-quality brands (or luxury goods) is beautiful and exquisite, in addition to selecting good materials and creative designs, advanced printing methods and processes should also be selected for business card printing

(1) a variety of printing methods coexist, with flexographic printing, digital ink-jet printing and combination printing growing the fastest

with the development of digital technology, the application of advanced technology, the enhancement of economic and environmental awareness, and the changes in the printing market, the market share of flexographic printing, inkjet printing, and combination printing in packaging printing is increasing sharply

for the high-end packaging and labels of some famous and high-quality brand products, a single printing method can not achieve a variety of expected effects. Only by organically combining offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, silk printing and digital printing can we avoid the shortcomings of a single printing method. The unit type flexographic printing production line can be interchanged with gravure printing and silk printing units for combined printing, and can realize online post press processing such as glazing, hot stamping, lamination, etc

(2) mainly water-based, UV glazing, cold UV technology has broad prospects

glazing: enhance surface brightness, protect printed graphics and text, and do not affect the recycling and reuse of paper printing price, which can save resources and protect the environment

ordinary UV curing technology relies on the irradiation of ultraviolet light to make the internal chemical reaction of UV coating and complete the curing process. Cold UV technology can not only solve the problem of ink adhesion and printing discoloration, but also avoid the overprint accuracy caused by the thermal deformation of the substrate

(3) circular pressing holographic hot stamping is the development direction.

cold hot stamping is the method of transferring metal foil by using printing adhesive. Low cost and high production efficiency

concave convex hot stamping: it reduces the process and waste products caused by inaccurate overprinting

holographic hot stamping: anti counterfeiting is easy to identify and difficult to control. Holographic logo hot stamping to the packaging carton for printing graphic information processing, not only the holographic logo hot stamping to the surface of the substrate, but also has a very high overprint accuracy

round stamping features: line contact - line pressure, large-area hot stamping is flat, and bubbles are not easy to appear. Special foil transmission and skip mode are adopted to identify and locate separately and save gold foil

(4) printing online processing, improve production efficiency and print quality

printing + coating, compounding and glazing, hot stamping, film covering, die cutting, embossing and other post press processing functions

with the increase of the use of online hot stamping, glazing, die cutting indentation, embossing, waste cleaning, online compounding, slitting and rewinding equipment of web printing machine, online production is more and more widely used

the circular die cutting machine with automatic control device can be linked with the rotary printing machine, which can not only improve the positioning and registration accuracy of printing, die cutting and indentation, but also control the tension change of the paper roll to ensure the correct registration of the carton pattern

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