Development trend of the hottest label products

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Development trend of label products

with the rapid growth of label usage, the variety of labels will also change significantly, and the market share of various label products will also be redistributed

since paper labels cannot meet the decoration needs of containers such as plastic bottles, film labels will grow rapidly; Globally, the application of glass containers, cans and other packaging containers is decreasing, and the application of plastic containers can be replaced by spare dry spring relays. The application of damaged containers is increasing, which also leads to the gradual reduction of paper labels used on bottles and cans

in addition, in mold labels will increase moderately; The application of light-weight glass bottles continues to increase the amount of shrink film labels; The consumption of plastic labels for PET bottles will increase rapidly; The value-added and applicability of self-adhesive labels for glass and plastic containers will be further expanded and take the road of characteristic development; The rapid increase of printing equipment for variable information will promote the development of variable information labels, which will save costs; RFID (radio frequency identification) tags will grow at a rate of 10% - 12% per year

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