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Development trend of flexible packaging

with the continuous improvement of materials and processing technology, flexible packaging is playing an increasingly important role in many fields

by 2002, the sales of flexible packaging in the food industry will exceed 56% of the $9.7 billion sales of experimental equipment in the packaging processing industry, and the rest will be in the consumer goods industrial market. Sales are equally distributed among perishable food and dry food

among perishable food, bagged food and skin miscellaneous cake are the two fastest-growing parts, including meat food, agricultural products and other frozen food. These foods are usually packaged with high-capacity vacuum film and placed on the periphery of the supermarket

by 2002, bagged meat food has become the fastest growing part at a rate of 20% per year. The main raw materials used will include clean and antifogging packaging materials, high barrier films and widely used shrink films. By 2002, more than 30% of the 7billion fresh meat packages will use bag packaging

however, the market characteristics, size and complexity of packaging requirements will lead to the diversification of packaging materials over a period of time

with the best-selling of smoked sausage for banquet and breakfast, its packaging film will become the fastest growing part at a rate of 9% per year. Metallocene is gradually replacing ionomer or vinyl acetate as sealing material. Although the sales of fresh oyster sausage has fallen into recession due to its high fat and the reduction in the number of people who eat it for breakfast, new flavor and low-fat varieties still help to promote the demand for packaging film

for many markets, especially fast food and candy markets, novel patterns are necessary, which can often trigger people's desire to buy. Many foods require high packaging, which does not require too high pressure at this stage, but requires position control moisture resistance. Olestra, a substitute for fat, increased the sales of ftito lay by $400million, which may have a significant positive impact on the packaging film market

other markets include Cereals, pet food and coffee. The fastest growth of 6% is that computers selling for a little more than $5 are not only tools for data storage and processing. Most foods are often prominently placed in the middle aisle of the supermarket, and individual food supplies may be placed in the cashier or convenience store to stimulate consumers' desire to buy

candy is the part with the highest profit margin, which continues to grow at a rate of about 5%. The amount of candy purchased by consumers on impulse exceeds 70% of the total sales. Therefore, packaging processors use high-quality packaging patterns - especially metallized patterns. The market opportunity of low-fat candy also helps to promote the development of packaging industry

more expensive packaging materials are used for high-end pet food. With an increasing share in the market, these foods contain more expensive and oxygen sensitive ingredients, which need better packaging protection

the sales volume and sales volume of industrial products are the largest area. The growth rate of health care packaging products is the fastest, with the sales rate of 6% rising. Packaging processors sell value-added packaging materials at $7.60 per pound. Products using these materials include soap, cosmetics, disposable paper products, and other retail products

in a word, flexible packaging has penetrated into every part of the manufacturing field. Flexible packaging transformed from hard packaging will continue to develop, but the speed will slow down, because many of the most easily transformed jobs have been completed. It is expected that the overall development speed of flexible packaging will be slightly faster than that of the overall national products

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