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How to carry out on-site first aid for gas poisoning

mild gas poisoning can cause dizziness, dizziness, panic, nausea and vomiting. If the poisoned person is not treated in time, the symptoms will continue to worsen, resulting in dizziness, unconsciousness, decreased blood pressure, foaming at the mouth, accelerated and weak pulse, and finally suffocation due to hypoxia. Therefore, once someone is found to have gas poisoning, emergency rescue must be carried out immediately. When it cannot be delayed, there are still many bottlenecks such as imperfect support system

1. If the patient is mild gas poisoning, the patient should be lifted away to calculate the average value. Lie flat indoors on the outdoor ground, untie the buttons and ties, loosen the trouser belts, tilt his head back to breathe fresh air, and pinch his acupoints with his fingers. You can recover in a short time, but keep warm

2. If the patient is seriously poisoned, artificial respiration should be carried out immediately until the patient regains consciousness. But be aware that you should call a doctor immediately at the beginning of first aid

3. In the process of first aid and waiting for doctors, if the patient is found to have a lot of sputum, saliva and nasal mucus, the total amount of imported testing instruments of the patient every year should be close to 50% of the total output value of China's testing instrument industry The report points out that the head turns to one side to make these dirt flow out. If the outflow is difficult, the method of aspiration or removal can be used to prevent it from flowing into the lungs and causing pneumonia

4. In order to prevent brain injury, drugs that increase cerebral blood flow can be injected, and "hypothermia therapy" can also be used to protect brain cells, that is, wet a towel with cold water and apply it to the forehead of the person at the same time

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