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How to carry out mechanical maintenance of Rexroth plunger pump

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if the cylinder body of Rexroth piston pump is embedded with a copper sleeve, it can be installed by replacing the copper sleeve. First, trim the outer diameter of a group of plunger rods to a unified size, and then polish the outer diameter with more than 1000 # sandpaper

there are three methods to install the copper sleeve on the cylinder: (a) heating and hot installation of the cylinder or low-temperature freezing and extrusion of the copper sleeve, interference assembly; (b) Adopt loctite adhesive assembly, this method requires that the outer diameter surface of the copper jacket has grooves; (c) Tap the cylinder hole, process the thread on the outer diameter of the copper sleeve, apply loctite, and screw it in for assembly. [1]

the installation method of the cylinder block and the copper sleeve in the fusion firing combination mode is as follows:

(a) use the grinding rod to grind and repair the cylinder hole manually or mechanically; (b) Use the coordinate boring machine to re bore the cylinder block hole; (c) Repair the cylinder block hole with reamer

the "surface engineering technology" is adopted, and the methods are as follows: (a) electroplating technology: a layer of hard chromium is plated on the surface of the plunger; (b) Brush plating technology: Brush Plating wear-resistant materials on the surface of the plunger; (c) Thermal spraying, arc spraying or electric spraying: spraying high carbon martensite wear-resistant materials; (d) Laser deposition: deposit high hardness wear-resistant alloy powder on the surface of the plunger. (4) The cylinder block material without copper sleeve in the cylinder block hole is mostly nodular cast iron, and amorphous films or coatings are prepared on the inner wall of the cylinder block. Because the inner wall of the cylinder block hole has this special material, it can form a hard friction pair that causes hidden dangers such as leakage of high-speed railway bridges

how to properly overhaul Rexroth plunger pump

(1) check the plunger for damage and corrosion, and replace it with a new one if necessary. (2) Check the matching of the plunger pair. Insert the plunger end into the plunger sleeve with an inclination of about 60 °. If the plunger can slide slowly under its own action, it will be a good fit. (3) Check the tightness of the plunger pair. Hold the plunger sleeve with your hands, and block the oil inlet at the top and side of the plunger with two fingers. Pull out the plunger with the other hand, feel a large suction, loosen the plunger and immediately retract to the original position, indicating that the plunger pair is well sealed, otherwise the plunger pair should be replaced. (4) Check whether the relief ring belt of the oil outlet valve pair is worn or has steps or scars, and replace it if necessary. (5) Check the coordination of the oil outlet valve pair. Block the lower hole of the oil outlet valve with your finger, and press the oil outlet valve down gently with another finger. When your finger leaves the upper end of the oil outlet valve, it can automatically spring back to its original position, indicating that the oil outlet valve pair is well sealed, otherwise the oil outlet valve pair should be replaced, which has a decisive contribution to the large-scale process with special capacity. (6) Check the tappet. The standard clearance between the fuel injection pump body and the tappet body is 0-0.03mm. If it exceeds 0.2mm, replace the parts. (7) Check the clearance between the plunger flange and the groove of the control sleeve, which should be 0.02-0.08mm. If it exceeds 0.12mm, the control sleeve must be replaced

rexroth plunger pump how to carry out mechanical maintenance

Rexroth plunger pump a10vs conventional series how to carry out mechanical maintenance

about Rexroth piston pumps, the commonly used industries include papermaking, steel mills, machinery manufacturing, etc., and the use industry and popularity are still very high. The a10vs series of Rexroth piston pumps are generally produced in Beijing. For example, the general a10vs018dfrr-ppv12n00 a10vs028dfrr-ppv12n00 a10vs045dfrr-ppv12n00 a10vs010dfrr-ppv12n00, etc. because of the large domestic demand, Generally, this kind of basic hydraulic piston pump will be assembled in China. Customers need to note that it is originally made in Germany before purchasing

how to carry out mechanical maintenance of Rexroth piston pump? Mechanical points have difficulties in measurement. Piston pumps are generally divided into single piston pumps, horizontal piston pumps, axial piston pumps and radial piston pumps

single piston pump

structural composition mainly includes eccentric, plunger, spring, cylinder block and two one-way valves. A closed volume is formed between the plunger and the cylinder bore. The eccentric rotates once, and the plunger reciprocates up and down once. It moves downward to absorb oil and upward to drain oil. The volume of oil discharged per revolution of the pump is called displacement, which is only related to the structural parameters of the pump

horizontal piston pump

horizontal piston pump is a hydraulic pump that consists of several plungers (generally 3 or 6) installed in parallel, and uses a crankshaft to directly push the plunger through the connecting rod slider or by the eccentric shaft to do reciprocating motion, so as to achieve liquid suction and discharge. They also adopt valve type flow distribution devices, and most of them are quantitative pumps. Emulsion pump in hydraulic support system of coal mine is generally horizontal plunger pump. Emulsion pump is used in coal mining face to provide emulsion for hydraulic support. Its working principle is that the rotation of crankshaft drives the piston to move back and forth to realize liquid absorption and discharge

axial type

axial piston pump (English Name: piston pump) is a plunger pump whose reciprocating direction of piston or plunger is parallel to the cylinder block oil pump. Do not start the plunger pump whose central axis is parallel. Axial piston pump uses the volume change caused by the reciprocating motion of the plunger parallel to the transmission shaft in the plunger hole to work. Since both the plunger and the plunger hole are circular parts, which can achieve a high precision fit, the volumetric efficiency is high

straight shaft swashplate

straight shaft swashplate piston pump is divided into pressure oil supply type and self suction type. Most of the pressure oil supply hydraulic pumps use the oil tank with air pressure. The hydraulic oil tank with air pressure oil supply can not operate the machine until the hydraulic oil tank reaches the use air pressure after starting the machine every time. If the machine is started when the air pressure in the hydraulic oil tank is insufficient, it will pull off the sliding shoes in the hydraulic pump and cause abnormal wear of the return plate and pressing plate in the pump body

how to carry out mechanical maintenance for radial

rexroth piston pump radial piston pump can be divided into two categories: valve distribution and shaft distribution. Valve distribution radial piston pump has the disadvantages of high failure rate and low efficiency. The axial flow radial piston pump developed in the 1970s and 1980s overcomes the shortcomings of valve flow radial piston pump. Due to the structural characteristics of the radial pump, the fixed axial flow distribution radial piston pump has the advantages of impact resistance, long service life and high control accuracy compared with the axial piston pump. The variable stroke of the variable stroke short pump is realized by changing the eccentricity of the stator under the action of the variable plunger and the limit plunger, and the maximum eccentricity is set to be 5-9mm (according to the displacement), and the variable stroke is very short. And the variable mechanism is designed as high-pressure operation, which is controlled by the control valve. Therefore, the response speed of the pump is fast. The radial structure design overcomes the problem of eccentric wear of sliding shoes such as axial piston pump. The impact resistance is greatly improved


hydraulic piston pump the hydraulic oil tank that supplies oil by air pressure. After starting the machine every time, the machine can be operated only after the hydraulic oil tank reaches the use air pressure. Straight shaft swashplate piston pump is divided into pressure oil supply type and self suction type. Most of the pressure oil supply hydraulic pumps use oil tanks with air pressure, and some hydraulic pumps have oil replenishment sub pumps to provide pressure oil to the oil inlet of the hydraulic pump. The self sucking hydraulic pump has strong self sucking ability and does not need external oil supply

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