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How to choose refrigerated cabinets in supermarkets

how to choose refrigerated cabinets and fresh-keeping cabinets in supermarkets:

first, understand the types of food fresh-keeping display cabinets

food preservation display cabinets are divided into vertical, horizontal, open, closed, single, double, three body combined, unit built-in, unit remote; In terms of size: large (the length of a single cabinet is more than 2.5 meters), at the same time, it should be able to generate electricity at low temperature and ensure the best torque transmission type (the length of a single cabinet is more than 1.5 meters); In terms of temperature: high temperature cabinet (40~600 degrees), medium temperature cabinet (0~100 degrees), low temperature cabinet (- 16 corresponding height difference shall not be greater than, mm~200 degrees)

II. Determine the type and quantity of products

determine the type, style and quantity of equipment according to the actual situation of the planned food type, quantity, venue and sales method of the supermarket. It is best to first investigate several supermarkets that have opened and are of similar scale, and use the comparative method to take advantage of the strengths of all the supermarkets; Then use the comparison method to determine the most suitable food preservation structure and quantity, so as to avoid blind imitation, resulting in congenital shortage and waste of equipment investment

third, choose the manufacturer

adopt the comparison method to compare the advanced degree of each product in technology, and where are they in the same industry? To make this clear, in addition to understanding the technological leadership of the product, such as whether there are international patents? Which year is the international patent? What are the international patents related to? Is there a patent number? Manufacturers should be required to use the method of comparison to explain one by one

IV. compare the strength of each product in adapting to the use environment

there are design standards for the use of food preservation display cabinets, and the vast majority of manufacturers are designed and produced according to international or national standards. These two standards stipulate that the use environment is 24 degrees and 25 degrees, and the humidity is 50%. However, in the actual environment of supermarkets in China, the air-conditioning temperature in summer is less than 24~25 degrees, while more air-conditioning temperatures are 27~30 degrees, and some are even as high as 32 degrees, which is far more than 50% in humidity. In most coastal cities, the indoor humidity of air-conditioning is more than 65%. Therefore, manufacturers with technology, experience and strength combine the advanced food display cabinet manufacturing technology of developed countries in the world with China's national conditions to raise the environmental standards for the use of food preservation display cabinets to 30 degrees in temperature and 70 percent in humidity. This greatly improves the ability of the food preservation display cabinet to resist high temperature and high humidity in summer, and ensures the freshness of the food in the cabinet

v. compare the strength of the product on food display

the specific performance is:

(1) the larger the opening of the cabinet display surface, the stronger the display. Otherwise, it is weak

(2) for the fresh-keeping cabinet with anti condensation glass window, the larger the display surface of the anti condensation glass window (and ensure that the glass surface is not dewed under the high temperature and high humidity environment in summer), the stronger the display, and vice versa

(3) the lighting in the cabinet is sufficient and uniform, and there is no dead corner of lighting. The display of food in the cabinet is strong, otherwise it is weak

(4) try to avoid using shiny materials in the cabinet, and use more food preservation display cabinets made of matte materials to increase the display of food in the cabinet

VI. compare the energy conservation of various products

the scientific comparison method is to judge the energy-saving quality of products by the power consumption per unit volume (i.e. per liter), because the net inventory volume of cabinets with the same size may be different. If a cabinet is compared with a cabinet, it is a comparison with different basic conditions. In this case, the comparison value does not indicate who is superior or inferior, but is meaningless

VII. It is more important to find a solution to the problem than the price of each product

like comparing power consumption, the scientific comparison method is still to compare the price per unit volume (i.e. per liter) It is obviously unscientific to compare each cabinet one by one

VIII. Comparison in other aspects:

1. Whether the overall color and style of food, display cabinets and supermarkets are unified and coordinated

2. The reliability and timeliness of the installation and maintenance of food display cabinets should be investigated

3. Whether the height, width and size of the food preservation cabinet can make it convenient for customers to take the food in the cabinet

especially in the field of cutting-edge new materials. 4. Are the accessories equipped with food preservation cabinets complete? Such as low temperature island cabinet basket, label rack, night insulation cover

5. Whether the food fresh-keeping cabinet is equipped with anti-collision strips to prevent the supermarket trolley and the customer's portable basket from bumping and scratching the cabinet, and whether the anti-collision is effective should be analyzed from the height and size of the equipped anti-collision strip installation position, etc

IX. it is best to have professional personnel accompany to the manufacturer for on-site investigation

using the comparison method, the investigation mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) is the production and processing equipment complete from sheet metal processing to electrostatic spraying? Is it domestic or imported? How about the processing quality? Can the production capacity reach mass production

(2) whether the tooling and means to ensure the assembly quality are advanced? How automated is it? How about the product assembly quality

(3) is there any product and offline quality inspection, and what is it

(4) is there a product laboratory? What standard is the product tested according to, that is, what is the ambient temperature and humidity of the product test? Compare it with your hottest ambient temperature and humidity

(5) what are the items of electrical test? This is to understand the electrical safety of the product. Is the electrical insulation reliable? Is the electrical protection complete? Because customers directly touch products, personal safety is very important. In addition, whether the electrical protection of the equipment is complete and whether there is leakage protection? Is there high and low voltage protection and power phase sequence protection? These protections are very important for the current low quality of power supply in China

(6) what are the items of product delivery inspection? Is it spot check or full check

(7) inspection of raw materials and spare parts used in products. Is it domestic or imported? Is it the general products of foreign general companies or the famous brand products of international well-known companies? What is the import rate and localization rate of the product? This is actually to examine the reliability and service life of products

(8) for the management of the manufacturer's overall action, the inspection should focus on the following:

① whether there is computer management, how much is it owned, whether it is connected, and what management software is used? ② Is the factory appearance clean and tidy? Are the production line workers orderly and serious? Are you warm and polite to visitors? ③ Does the guard work seriously without losing etiquette? ④ Are the employees you meet energetic

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