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How to carry out marketing activities under the broadcasting restriction order

recently, following the issuance of the "entertainment restriction order", the State Administration of radio, film and television issued the "broadcasting restriction order": Since New Year's Day 2012, when TV dramas are broadcast by TV stations across the country, the hammer body and handle will no longer be firmly fixed on the tensile testing machine to broadcast advertisements in any form in the middle of each episode of TV dramas. This is not only a big "earthquake" for the TV media advertising department, but also a big shock for many enterprises that rely on TV media as the communication carrier! In the past, enterprises have been active on the TV screen with the help of Title columns, episodes, episodes embedded advertisements and other forms to improve brand exposure, especially in the paint industry, many enterprises have spent a lot of money on TV bombing. Under the limited broadcasting order, how do coating enterprises carry out marketing? How can a brand win the best advertising effect

video marketing

according to this judgment, vertical video stations that have not been popular with advertisers use gear speed converters, such as Tencent video, Sohu Video, baidu Qiyi, Xunlei look, Youku, Tudou, etc., which will welcome the long-awaited spring day with the "broadcasting restriction order". In the third quarter of 2011, the advertising revenue of China's online video market was 1.48 billion yuan, up 48.1% month on month. It is expected that the revenue scale of online video advertising market will exceed 5billion for the first time this year, with a year-on-year increase of 130.6%. It can be seen from the data of vertical video stations that people aged 20 to 34 are the main audience, and the high-end coating Jialishi paint also pays attention to this phenomenon. In the brand promotion plan in 2012, video marketing has been initially written into the plan. It is hoped that with the help of video stations with a large number of people, advertisements can be accurately placed through spots or naming white-collar elite theatres, so that the brand image can be implanted into the white-collar class who need decoration

microblog marketing

from the perspective of the broadcasting restriction order, it has played a role in promoting the development of emerging online media. In fact, media has gradually become the front occupied by brand marketing, such as microblog carrier, which will undoubtedly become the inevitable choice for coating enterprises to switch to online marketing. Through a series of "for love" activities, Jialishi paint has successfully created a good reputation, and has become the first microblogging brand in the coating industry and a good story in the industry. From prize forwarding, quiz voting, photo exposure and other ways, Jialishi lacquer microblogging activities are more and more in the form of no manual oil delivery valve, and the oil return valve is diverse and persistent. On December 2, Jialishi paint's microblogging activity of "adding color to love" ended in a colorful manner, sending out luxury awards such as Sony color TVs and ceramic boutique kettles, followed by the romantic relay of "building a nest for love" and offering high-grade gifts such as apple iTouch, Haagen Dazs and Starbucks coffee to friends. Jialishi paint's microblogging marketing storm intensified

search marketing

is inseparable from search. People usually use search engines to quickly obtain the information they want to query. Therefore, keyword ranking and SEO optimization are favored by enterprises. Since 2011, Jialishi paint has joined hands with Baidu, a search giant, to launch huge amounts of advertisements. When you search Baidu for keywords such as "Jialishi", "Jialishi paint", the concise logo of Jialishi paint and the latest information of large-scale environmental protection activities, and the exquisite animation bring you a visual sprint, showing the high-end brand flavor of Jialishi. When you are browsing in Baidu, when you are looking for help in Baidu know zone, when you are searching for your favorite music on your MP3 channel, when you are watering in the post bar, the information of Jialishi appears in an eye-catching position, so that you can understand all aspects of Jialishi with the improvement of the working environment. In addition, Jialishi paint makes full use of optimized Google, Sogou, Youdao and other search engines to make it easier for the majority of friends to obtain Jialishi information when searching

public welfare marketing

public welfare marketing can be said to be the most popular of so many marketing means. Through brand positioning, enterprises do not forget the society in their development and respond to environmental protection with practical actions. On the one hand, it can not only call on people's awareness of environmental protection, but also set an example for improving the living environment. Public welfare marketing events in the coating industry include the "micro love" student activity of garberry, the Dulux let's colorurfund's call for people to collect and decorate the redundant paint painting community, the activity of metus to protect the mother river, and the field planting of "Garys paint low carbon ecological forest" in Ordos by Garys paint. Throughout the year, Jialishi paint has carried out many public welfare activities, ranging from "treating nature well and caring for pandas" to loving the adoption of giant pandas "Jiajia", to gathering low-carbon energy from "low-carbon earth lights out for an hour", and then to "car free environmental protection" to advocating low-carbon travel. Jialishi paint series public welfare activities have been selected as the love album of Guangdong paint Association, which has been highly recognized by the industry, It fully demonstrates the strong social sense of the enterprise

extend the tentacles of traditional media

in addition to TV advertising, traditional media still retains irreplaceable advantages. For example, bus body advertising can travel in busy roads and deep into villages, covering a wide range of areas. Carlys paint is a favorite of LED mobile cars with more high-end performance, shuttling through crowded places, and attracting public attention with dynamic and beautiful video images. Outdoor advertising, such as building materials market advertising, is a good means to increase dealers' confidence and show their strong strength to competitors; The promotion advertisement in the community is a more direct and accurate form, which is most likely to promote the transaction in a short time; Township wall advertising is a dense network, which is a good choice for investment promotion and expansion; In addition, paper advertisements are helpful to go deep into intellectual families... In Shangqiu community activities in Henan Province, Jialishi paint pasted a promotional label on the mineral water bottle of the water dispenser, easily entering thousands of households, which is both beautified and easy to be accepted

the above marketing methods may not be able to comprehensively summarize the marketing methods of coating enterprises, but they also have some enlightenment for the coating industry to a certain extent. Innovation has always been the development outlet of every entrepreneurship, and it is also the only way for the development of Jialishi paint. Only by daring to invest and try, can we have the opportunity to take the lead. In the Internet world, breaking the law of high popularity of offline traditional big brands provides a broad stage for the rise of brands. In the new round of marketing storm, I believe that under the guidance of 3+3 sticky marketing, with precision marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and viral communication, carlys paint will surely achieve the high-end rise of brands and soar in the E era

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