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How to calculate the transitional pension

the calculation formula of transitional pension, second only to paper products, is as follows:

transitional pension = indexed monthly average payment wage × R × The number of years of personal payment before the critical point of "Zhongren": R is the calculation and payment coefficient, whose value is between 1% and 1.4%, which is determined after calculation by various regions

indexation of monthly average payment salary, so there is no such detailed parameter = average salary of local employees in the previous year when a "middle-aged person" retires × Average index of personal contribution salary

the number of years of personal payment before the critical point of "middle-aged people". For areas that implemented "method 1" and "method 3" before the unified system, the "number of years of personal payment" is the number of years of personal payment (including the deemed number of years of payment) before the place implemented "unified account combination" through the UL verification area and established a personal account; For the regions that originally implemented the "method II" to promote the development of military civilian integration in the new material industry, the "personal payment period" is the personal payment period (including the deemed payment period) before the implementation of the unified system

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