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A week's brief comment on polyester Market -- Changyi market (11..29)

this week, the polyester product market in Changyi market is good, the price of polyester products fluctuates greatly, the wait-and-see mood of merchants in the market is relatively relaxed, the purchase and shipment volume is small, and the overall atmosphere is general. In Changyi market, 100D DTY, winding wire, POY multi hole and f change experimental machines equipped with piezoelectric load sensors have the following advantages: the current center prices of Dy are 15400 yuan/ton, 15500 yuan/ton, 13000 yuan/ton and 14500 yuan/ton respectively; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire, POY porous and FDY of 150D are 16000 yuan/ton, 15000 yuan/ton, 14000 yuan/ton and 14000 yuan/ton respectively; The current central prices of DTY, winding wire and FDY of 300D are 15000 yuan/ton, 15500 yuan/ton and 14500 yuan/ton respectively

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