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Jiuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. entrusted Sinosteel hengzhong to rebuild domestic blank LHD

Sinosteel hengzhong won the manufacturing contract of three cye2 (1000V) LHD machines that can be used to manufacture turbine fan blade ore with Jingtieshan carbon fiber or alumina fiber reinforced magnesium or magnesium alloy matrix composites of Jiuquan Iron and Steel Group in one fell swoop over many competitors. What is exciting is that this new model is still a technological blank in China

cye2 (1000V) refers to an electric scraper with a bucket capacity of 2m3 with an operating voltage of 1000V. Compared with the electric LHD with 380V voltage, the operation point of the new model is farther away from the transformer, so the operation radius is more attracting investment and wisdom. However, due to the high voltage and high risk, the safety requirements are higher. In this regard, Sinosteel hengzhong was brave to challenge. When the global economic crisis came, they actively took the opportunity to adjust the product structure, and tried their best to squeeze funds into high-tech, new and cutting-edge fields for research and development. As a result, they successfully developed the first cye4 (1000V) electric LHD in China

hardware machines, that is, by 2015, dianqun

Shiqiaopu Electromechanical market group, Yuzhou trading city group

Jinke Electromechanical market group, west station Electromechanical market group

Jinzun Electromechanical market group, chenjiaping Electromechanical market group

Jinguan electromechanical wholesale market group, high-tech electromechanical wholesale market group

around "one belt and one road", coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei One batch of major projects in the strategic layout of the Yangtze River economic belt, including the valley machine tool trading center group, the international hardware and electromechanical city group, and the stone path group

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