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Jiufu group intelligent customer service: help enterprises complete customer service work with higher, faster and better standards

the COVID-19 at the beginning of this year has brought unprecedented prevention and control pressure and risks to the country, governments at all levels and medical institutions. During the epidemic, Jiufu group enabled social public services through AI technology and provided intelligent outbound call services for free, which won more time for prevention and control and released more manpower to do more targeted epidemic prevention work

Jiufu group: empowering enterprises through AI technology to provide intelligent outbound call services

with the epidemic being gradually controlled, the enterprise society is resuming work and production, but the social isolation and the dilemma of not being able to completely resume work caused by the epidemic also bring new challenges to the development of enterprises. How to provide the customers facing the enterprise with the same service when the personnel cannot be present will play a key role in striving for mass production at the end of the year

relying on Jiuzhi workshop, Jiufu group launched intelligent customer service products in response to customer service pain points such as high similarity of consulting questions, labor cost of repeated answers, high user requirements for customer service professionalism, high cost of seat training, difficult to control the service process, and frequent non-compliance sensitive content. Depending on the downstream demand and the expansion of the company's overseas resources, intelligent customer service products include intelligent answering robots and intelligent outbound robots, which have the advantages of industry verticality, intelligent learning, simple operation, intelligent labels, multi-channel support, and complete the whole process of customer service including pre-sales guidance, after-sales consultation, seat training, marketing, customer service support, and value mining. The business ability can achieve the system maintenance that should be controlled: the answer speed is less than 0.1 seconds/piece, the automatic answer is more than 72% per day, the user tag is 16/time, the outbound call volume is increased by 305%, the conversion volume is increased by 152%, and the performance cost is reduced by 75%, helping enterprises complete customer service work with higher, faster and better standards

Jiufu group intelligent customer service: provider of value points such as throttling and intelligence

Jiufu group intelligent customer service has been steadily exporting leading AI technology and the open ability to teach people to fish. If it is necessary to change the product knowledge of experimental machines, honed method experience and perfect operation system, it will truly bring four value points of throttling, intelligence, open source and contact to customers. These values will serve as the cornerstone of intelligent transformation and provide solid support for the new infrastructure

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