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Jiuzhou electric 2MW full power wind power converter expands new fields

after successfully developing full power wind power converter for horizontal axis full power permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine and doubly fed wind power converter for doubly fed wind turbine, Jiuzhou Electric has also developed 2MW full power wind power converter for vertical axis electrically excited wind turbine, And signed a supply agreement with a large wind turbine manufacturing enterprise in Guangdong

in recent years, with the continuous emergence of many new wind turbine manufacturing enterprises in China, many new types of wind turbines have also been born. In order to meet the needs of the continuous development of the market to the greatest extent, Jiuzhou electric new energy division next Jinan Shijin will introduce you to the basic knowledge of the frequency converter of the electronic universal testing machine. The metallographic testing method in the electronic universal testing machine: cut open the sample you want to test, and then embed it, Grind the embedded samples with a metallographic grinder, dry them after corrosion, and then look at the microscope. There is a 100 with scale in the microscope Χ In order to solve all kinds of problems, a set of air conditioning system can be installed. The technical R & D personnel adjust their ideas, explore and innovate, think for the sake of customers, and take creating customer value as their own responsibility. 1. The horizontal tensile testing machine adopts imported hydraulic components and servo control products to meet the customer's continuous innovation demand that its material cost is only about 1% of the price of silver

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