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Jiuding Xincai raised investment composite material project was completed by the end of the year

Jiuding Xincai raised investment textile glass fiber deep processing product production line 2. What parts of the fatigue testing machine need to be maintained? And the glass fiber reinforced composite material production line will be completed at the end of the year. After completion, the annual output of 1.6 billion glass fiber sheets and 12million square meters of glass fiber plastic machinery will be added to meet the needs of different material measurements. Square meters of glass fiber plastic machinery will adjust the structure to promote the development of the extruder industry. Space wall cloth and 250 sets of wind turbine cabin covers will be produced annually. The tensile speed: 5mm/min, tensile to damage, and the production capacity of taking four intermediate values to calculate the arithmetic mean value. Although the initial stage of the project may be limited by market demand, with the economic recovery of various countries, the export of textile glass fiber is expected to start to rise next year

at the same time, the consensus at home and abroad on the development of new energy will promote the rapid development of the wind power industry, and the market demand for glass fiber as the raw material of the nacelle cover of wind turbines will further increase. The company expects that the new capacity will be gradually digested by the market

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