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Jiuding group: build a complete wind power equipment industry chain with independent intellectual property rights

wind power workshop of Jiuding group

on July 28, the first 1.5 MW wind turbine and blades of Jiangsu Jiuding group were officially offline. After the factory test, the fan will be shipped to Chifeng wind farm in Inner Mongolia for installation and trial operation at the end of August, and the hoisting will be completed and power generation will be successful in September

for the wind power equipment manufacturing industry, which obviously has excess capacity, is it too late for Jiuding group to focus on chemical, machinery, electronics, home appliances, food, textile, large complete sets of equipment and other industries? Can it gain a foothold in the highly competitive wind power market? For all kinds of questions, yesterday, Guqingbo, chairman of Jiangsu Jiuding group, said in an interview: "The 1.5 MW doubly fed asynchronous wind turbine generator set that has successfully generated electricity this time is different from the units previously produced by domestic wind power enterprises through the introduction of foreign technology or the purchase of licenses, but is independently designed and produced by Jiuding group. It is a wind turbine with independent intellectual property rights. Although the competition in the wind power industry is very fierce now, we have our own unique advantages in this industry, and with the maturity of wind power technology , with the support of relevant industrial policies, the development prospect must be very broad. "

Jiangsu Jiuding group was established in 1992. After nearly 20 years of development, it has 12 enterprises, and its industries involve new materials, bioengineering, real estate, textiles and clothing and other fields. In recent years, with the support of national industrial policies, the wind power industry has developed rapidly. It is expected that the total installed capacity of wind power will exceed 20million kV by the end of this year. However, compared with the international advanced level, China's wind power industry still has a large gap. The low-level repeated construction of enterprises is serious, the independent research and development ability of large-scale wind turbine and blades is weak, and the key technologies are controlled by others. In this context, Jiuding, which has many years of experience in the production of new materials industry, requires the group to ensure the parallelism between the cylinder axis and the guide rail. It not only sees the huge market space of the wind power industry, but also sees the advantages of its own products, blowing the horn to enter the new energy industry

as early as 2006, Jiuding group independently designed and developed composite nacelle covers, deflectors and other products, which successfully matched the host computers of aerospace anxuneng, Sany Heavy Industry and other enterprises. In 2008, the Group invested in the wind turbine blade project, introduced advanced airfoils from Europe, and made models, molds, design, manufacture and production main equipment by itself. "After the completion of the blade project, the annual production capacity of 160 sets of 1.5 MW composite wind turbine blades will be formed." Gu Qingbo said

at the same time, Jiuding group established Jiangsu Tiandi wind energy equipment Co., Ltd. in January 2008, and set up a wind power technology research and development center in Shanghai, specializing in the design, development, production and sales of MW wind turbines. With the goal of developing the national wind power industry and building a wind energy industry base, the company adheres to innovation and the technology development path of independent research and development, supplemented by joint design. At present, the company has cultivated and built a multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary engineering and technical personnel team integrating machinery, electronics, automation control, finite element analysis and so on. Among them, 70% of the staff have master's degree or above, 80% of the staff have deep professional theoretical foundation and mature industry design experience, and a number of design patent applications have been reviewed by the national patent office. In addition, Jiuding group has also jointly built the "wind power blade technology engineering laboratory" with Nanjing University of technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Tsinghua University to improve the level of independent intellectual property rights of national wind power; At the same time, the research and development of 3 MW wind turbines have been launched, moving towards the direction and goal of fan serialization, specialization, higher power and more stable performance. For the high modulus fibers that need to be imported for blade reinforced base materials, Jiuding group, taking advantage of its experience in tank furnace technology and the advantages in the field of glass fiber surface treatment, officially launched the research work that the tail end of high modulus fiber bolts should slightly highlight the components of nuts at the beginning of this year. At present, the achievements have passed the appraisal and are at the leading level in China. The pilot test will be completed before the end of the year, and the production capacity will be formed as soon as possible to provide high-quality reinforced base materials for fan blades

"Jiuding group plans to achieve an annual output of 300 sets of 1.5 MW wind turbines in three years from 2010. It plans to take five to six years to form a complete wind power industry chain with independent intellectual property rights from fiber - fabric - Blade - whole machine at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, with a long-term use temperature rti:155 ℃, and become a wind power manufacturing enterprise with its own unique competitive advantages in the market and sales of more than 10 billion yuan." With a few words, Gu Qingbo outlined a beautiful blueprint for his "wind power kingdom"

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