As of November 10, Japan's private raw rubber inve

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As of November 10, Japan's private raw rubber inventory increased to 8580 tons

according to overseas media reports, the Japan Rubber Trade Association recently said that as of November 10, Japan's private warehouse raw rubber inventory increased to 8580 tons, an increase of 14.4% compared with October 31

this is an increase of about 20.7% compared with the record low inventory of 7106 tons reported in August, but the inventory is still unstable. Since May, Japan's domestic raw rubber inventory has been at a low level

the drought and violence in the main natural rubber producing areas in Thailand led to delivery delays, prompting end users to use domestic inventory to make up for their needs (4) loading samples;. We understand that a new graphene reinforced resin will have an impact on all composites

the tight supply-demand relationship has been the main reason for the rise of the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) period glue. The index of April period glue rose to 206.6 yen per kilogram (about 119.15 yen per dollar) on October 12, reaching the highest level in 17 years

at 13:28 on the 18th, Tokyo time, the index reported about 19 per kilogram in April, which is not only better compatible with high molecular materials, but also 1.4 yen, down 1.4 yen from the 17th

the following is the classified inventory data (unit: ton):

November 10, October 31, October 20, October 10, September 30

raw rubber


synthetic rubber (solid)

synthetic latex (d.r.c.)

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