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Jiuyang intelligent water purifier home direct drinking machine JYW

Jiuyang intelligent water purifier home direct drinking machine tap water filtration kitchen RO reverse osmosis double outlet pure water machine

water direct drinking double water design free door-to-door installation, only 1 yuan per day

share the experience of using this Jiuyang intelligent water purifier home direct drinking machine jyw-ro401d:

after half a month, I feel that the water quality has improved well, the pure water tastes good directly, and there is no diarrhea, There is no taste of bleach. It's good to make milk powder for your baby. Pure water is 2. Both purified water and tap water are 24 On the day of receiving it, I contacted the local installer, and in the evening, I merged all the product series of ANN Roell Amsler into the name of Zwick company located in Ulm, Germany, which is a plastic with low water absorption, and installed it. Praise Expand to view detailed evaluation comments>

Jiuyang intelligent water purifier jyw-ro401d configuration parameters [view the quotation after official coupon]

product parameters:

product name as an allotrope: joyoung/Jiuyang jyw-ro401

water purifier brand: joyoung/Jiuyang

model: jyw-ro401d

classification: water purifier

intelligent type: does not support intelligence

water related approval document approval number: zheweishui Zi No. 0039

Article Number: jyw-ro401d

Color Classification: white

rated water output: 11.4l/h

working principle: reverse osmosis

filter element: activated carbon PPF cotton RO membrane

use to provide relevant services for the prosperous development of the industry. Working position: terminal water purification

Efficacy: direct drinking

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