New trend of boxed wine

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A new round of popular trend of boxed wine

in recent years, the wine industry has set off a new round of trend that the specific heat capacity of boxed wine flow materials reflects the heat required for the increase of unit temperature per unit mass of materials. Boxed wine has been popular for decades. According to the statistics of relevant departments of the wine industry, this kind of wine accounts for about 15 ~ 20% of the total wine sales. Different from the past, this popular trend of boxed wine is more high-grade, more competitive and higher grade. Someone gave this boxed wine genre a new upscale name "cask wines". This bag in box wines is usually sealed in a plastic bag with a cock that allows the wine to flow out but does not allow air to enter the wine

Chris indelicato, executive president of delicato family vineyard in Manteca, said, "once people taste this boxed high-quality wine, they will like it and be fascinated by it, but the intensity is very high". The company sold its award-winning wines in boxes, including its Shiraz, which scored 90 points by wine Entertainment magazine

John Gillespie of the wine market committee said that when the wine market is oversupplied, the wine industry will seek various ways to make the wine more acceptable and convenient to consumers, and turn to measures such as screw caps, small bottle packaging and even aluminum cans

generally speaking, boxed wines are better than bottled ones because they are easier to carry, lower production cost, reusable, stronger, and can last longer than a month compared with bottled wines that can only be kept for a few days after opening

in the United States, the wine packaging revolution is at an initial stage, and people will see more innovations in the future. The global wine market has been in surplus. This market form will make the best wine merchants highlight that the price of battery grade lithium carbonate has increased by 7% since this year


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