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New trend hardware tools industry makes every effort to open up new rural markets

Abstract: it is a major trend to develop the township market with great potential for hardware tools. Only enterprises develop hardware tools to the countryside as a strategy, rather than through the crisis. This kind of method will usher in a new era of flexible electronic technology. It is an expedient measure, and change the enterprise organizational structure, invest resources to investigate, formulate new operation modes and cultivate Jiji, Only by organizing forces to implement, can we seize the opportunity and become a winner

with the increasingly vigorous market demand at home and abroad, after more than 20 years of development, hardware tools have become one of the most profound industries in China's science and technology hardware city market. In recent years, hardware tool products have entered the golden sales period

in the past, miscellaneous hardware tools were favored by African consumers. Nowadays, with the increasing number of wealthy people in Africa, the hot selling degree of hardware tools is almost unimaginable. Hardware tools have won a large market share in the domestic and foreign markets with their affordable prices and excellent quality

after investigation, we found that in the design of the whole kitchen, the market demand will increase by 16% every year. It can be seen that there is still a lot of room for the development of the hardware industry. The survey of the hardware market shows that about 70% of the demand for hardware products comes from house decoration, and 40% of the products depend on the supply capacity of some domestic hardware suppliers

around the world, the consumption of hardware industry focuses on more choices such as personalization, quality and reasonable price. Hardware is changing from tool industry in the traditional sense to fashion industry. In the future development, the hardware tool industry still needs to explore a new way out. For example, the reason is that the high-speed dynamic balance of the fan rotor is poor; Building a rural market will be a clear choice of industry direction. It is a big trend for hardware tools to develop the township market with great potential, and it is also a fertile land for cultivating brands. However, opportunities and challenges coexist

in order to enter the small town market in China, first of all, because the rural market is highly dispersed, there are great cultural differences, and the living habits and laissez faire environment in different places are very different. Therefore, their requirements for home decoration are very different. They are not only different from the cities, but also different from the villages. In view of this situation, enterprises must study their living habits and according to their characteristics, Develop products suitable for them. For example, they need a stacking room to place production tools, various sundries, food and other items. Due to the difference of application environment, there will be special requirements for the wear resistance and other characteristics of ceramic tiles. As long as they understand them and specially design their favorite products, they will be welcomed by the market

then set up a sales network. The sales model of hardware tool enterprises for the city must be suitable for the rural market. Because the rural area is wide, it is necessary to develop a flat sales network, and the enterprise should establish a special leading organization, organize forces to investigate the market, formulate rural market development strategy, and train sales personnel. This is a long-term action related to the survival of the enterprise, and any short-term behavior is bound to fail

it is a major trend to develop the potential township market for hardware tools. Only when enterprises develop hardware tools to the countryside as a strategy, rather than an expedient measure to tide over the crisis, and make changes in the enterprise organizational structure, invest resources to investigate, formulate new operation modes, cultivate economy and organize forces to implement, can they seize the opportunity and become successful


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