Magnolia wallpaper Oriental brocade with a new hei

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The new "Oriental brocade" will be set at a new height of 3.2 meters, containing the essence of the Millennium national style, and presenting you with the great beauty of the East

to say that the hot home style

Chinese style is undoubtedly one of them

but today, with the prevalence of national style

we often wonder

what is the beauty of national style

the national style, which has been infiltrated into the cultural heritage for thousands of years,

is great and difficult to understand.

if you have to define the beauty of the national style,

it is probably a kind of charm that moistens things silently.

it is a kind of dexterity that can bring natural spirituality into it.

or it is a kind of tolerance that can undertake nature and humanities.

it is also an atmosphere that takes care of itself.

if you still have doubts,

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brand new "Oriental brocade color"

will present you the great beauty of the East with a new height of 3.2 meters

the essence of the Millennium national style

"wash cuttlefish, swallow inkstones, cook tea cranes and avoid smoke"

in the oriental culture that has been precipitated for thousands of years,

the spirit crane has always been a romantic and elegant image

living in a crane

whether it is laid out on the whole wall or condensed in the picture frame

it can present a noble and auspicious realm

flowers and birds

draw inspiration from nature

incorporate spirituality into the design

it is also the main way to create Chinese beauty.

the version selects fish opera to clear the lotus.The, The two scenes of birds chirping and branches of flowers

in this combination of dynamic and static

condenses the clear rhyme of the unity of heaven and man

and the leisure of "listening to the noise of flowers and birds at leisure


or use vigorous strokes to depict

black and white lines and blue ink to outline the outline of landscape

distant mountains and near peaks, quaint and hazy

or let colorful colors collide in space

. dance gracefully, form and meaning are interlinked

distant mountains contain Dai, Landscape splash ink

or smudge with ink

under the deep and shallow strokes

reach the distant and boundless ethereal

achieve a detached and broad-minded

emblem construction

make good use of the emblem style architecture with white space

has the meaning of "great form Is beyond shape are invisible, ancient roads worship simplicity"

Anhui wind emblem charm, black tiles and white walls

render the tranquility The beauty of leisure

widens the spatial level

also leaves the artistic conception of reverie

auspicious clouds

when Morandi's tone meets the traditional auspicious cloud pattern

presents the new Chinese style of introversion, harmony and leisure

noble but not heavy

peaceful but not rigid

walks between tradition and fashion

exudes the beauty of ancient and modern levels

the beauty of national style in Oriental brocade,

lies in the natural formation,

also lies in the heritage,

lies in the selection of the essence of the national style,

lies in the integration of the characteristics of the times

the organic integration of the 3.2-meter fixed height

brought by the new technology and the Millennium national style

presents you with connotation but not public outcry

style but not suppressed

modern oriental charm

* Note: Oriental brocade color product the conservative height setting specification can reach 3.1 meters, The normal height setting can be 3.2 meters, and the digital customized products can only be 2.8 meters




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