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[Yihe doors and windows] while the market is maturing, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Especially in recent years, the price of raw materials has risen, and the freight cost has also risen. When the real economy is facing difficulties, where should the future development of door and window brands go

after years of development, the home building materials industry has become more and more mature. At the same time, the market competition has become increasingly fierce and the pressure it faces is also increasing. Especially in recent years, the price of raw materials and freight costs have also increased, which is also a huge challenge for traditional door and window brands. When the real economy is facing difficulties, where should the future development of door and window brands go

since last year, the price rise in the raw material market has been out of control. In addition, the logistics and transportation industry has also adjusted the price, and the labor market has also increased the price to varying degrees, which has increased the production cost of door and window brands. Under the influence of many factors, door and window brands are frequently facing changes and transformations. In addition, the environmental protection supervision in the past two years has also made many manufacturing enterprises miserable, facing the crisis of suspension and closure. Under a series of pressures, the development of door and window brands is difficult. Yihe doors and windows believes that home building materials enterprises can achieve reform in the following aspects:

first, Internet channels. The Internet is a genetic reconstruction, transforming the relationship between home building materials enterprises and consumers, transforming production lines, and transforming almost all the capabilities in the home industry

second, craftsman spirit. If the home building materials enterprises only have the ability of the Internet, and only use the Internet to transform the enterprises, in fact, it is only a part of the transformation. For the door and window brands, we should use the craftsman spirit to strictly demand ourselves, strictly control the product quality, and achieve perfection, so as to win the favor of more consumers

third, innovation ability. Door and window brands should change their innovation ability, build block innovation, open the innovation platform, and become a part of the global industrial transformation. On the one hand, with the rapid social development, people's material and cultural living standards are improving year by year. People's requirements for home building materials products are also changing, and personalized needs are becoming more and more obvious. On the other hand, with the prevalence of many marketing means, the overall adaptability and rationality of consumers have been greatly improved. The innovation of "concept" may attract consumers for a while, but consumers are not fools. Without practical innovative products, it is still difficult for door and window brands to retain consumers

for door and window brands, when making product innovation, never play with concepts, and never treat consumers as fools. Because consumers will pay attention to the brand of doors and windows because of the "concept", but they will not always pay attention to it. In today's information communication technology is so developed, only with high-quality products and perfect services can they win the favor of consumers for a long time

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