How to choose the right kick angle line

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Skirting line, as the name suggests, is the wall area where the foot can kick, so it is more vulnerable to impact

skirting line, as the name suggests, is the wall area where the foot can kick, so it is more vulnerable to impact. Making a skirting line can better make the connection between the wall and the ground firm, reduce the deformation of the wall, and avoid damage caused by external force collision. In addition, the skirting line is also easier to scrub. If the floor is splashed with dirty water, it is very convenient to scrub

brand store: solid wood skirting line

type of the first skirting line

floor and skirting line are like shoes and socks, and they are indispensable. At present, the materials of common skirting lines in the market include logs, medium density fiberboard, high-density fiberboard and new material PVC polymer foaming material

among the quality indicators of choosing and purchasing baseboard, the environmental protection indicator is the most important. Among them, PVC polymer foaming materials account for a large market share with the characteristics of no lead in the formula, no emission of ammonia, free formaldehyde and other harmful gases. Other materials should pay attention to the limit value of formaldehyde emission

answer: what material is the better kick line

answer: among the commonly used materials, the stone is solid and durable, but the design and color are less; The wood is calm and considerate, but the maintenance is troublesome; Synthetic materials are good in quality and low in price, but the grade is not good

how to match the second skirting line with the house style

the skirting line is close to the ground and easy to be damaged, so the skirting line must be firm, not easy to damage and easy to scrub. The material used for skirting shall be consistent with the surface material of the ground or similar in color. The ground is terrazzo and wooden board, and the skirting line must also use the same material; If ceramic tiles are used on the ground, the color of the skirting line must be consistent or similar; If the room is paved with carpet, its skirting line is more suitable with wood

answer: there is a wall in my family that plans to be a closet. Does this wall need to be equipped with a baseboard

answer: No, so the closet can't be placed against the wall, and there's no need to close the edge





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