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The bathroom is a place where the water vapor is relatively concentrated in the home, and the humid air is also easy to spread to other spaces, so special attention should be paid to some details when decorating the bathroom, so as to prevent other problems in the subsequent use process

the bathroom is the place where the water vapor is relatively concentrated in the home, and the moist air is also easy to spread to other spaces, so when decorating the bathroom, we should pay special attention to some details to prevent other problems in the subsequent use

first move: choose the right bathroom furniture -- challenge the limit of space utilization

the choice of bathroom furniture can greatly affect the efficiency of the overall bathroom space. Furniture with reasonable design and proper placement can not only store the most bathroom supplies, but also save space to the greatest extent, and hide the messy pipelines, which is both practical and can receive good visual effects

type 1 furniture that makes rational use of corner space

many bathrooms will have a wall that is not occupied due to the installation of sanitary ware or other items. At this time, you might as well choose a vertical storage cabinet according to the width of the wall. Standing against the wall, you can place many bathroom supplies

type 2 try to choose furniture that can be used for multiple purposes

in order to meet the needs of people who want to make full use of space as much as possible, many bathroom furniture now has more than one function. For example, the chair shown in the figure has an openable cover on its surface, and the cover is a mirror, which can be used for makeup, while some odds and ends can be placed in the chair. The same is true of taller cabinets with drawers

utilization of the space under the wall hung basin of type 3

if the wall hung basin or table basin is installed in the bathroom, there is room for the space under the basin to be used, and it is a common practice to place a bathroom cabinet that can store items below. This way of utilization can cover the pipelines below and other objects that affect the sense of spatial neatness, which is very neat

type 4 adjacent spaces use furniture of different specifications

some usually look like “ No use value ” In fact, the space can be tapped and utilized. As shown in the figure, a bathroom cabinet with good storage capacity is placed under the washbasin, and the wall space between the left wall and the window is valuable. It happens that a long and narrow high cabinet can be installed to make use of this space. High cabinets and low cabinets with different widths cooperate with each other, and the space available at any place will not be wasted

type 5 mirror cabinet with ultra-high space utilization

the bathroom mirror must exist in the bathroom. If only installing a mirror on the wall, it will not make full use of space, and the mirror cabinet can change this usual way of space utilization. The mirror cabinet is a mirror when the door is closed. When the door is opened, it is a cabinet that can store bathroom supplies. Generally, the bathroom mirror is installed on the wall above the basin, which will not occupy valuable space because of its certain thickness

the sixth style resurrection abnormal zero space

it is not only the bathroom with small area that needs to fully explore the utilization potential of space. Even the bathroom with enough area to install a bathtub should also pay attention to the rational use of space. Originally, the space on both sides of the bathtub can be regarded as abnormal space, which is difficult to use, but if the storage cabinets with appropriate sizes and specifications are customized and installed on both sides, the value of this space has been rediscovered

the seventh style breaks the fixed style of a cabinet

according to the usual habit or thinking mode, it is OK to place a cabinet or a multi door integral cabinet under the washbasin. In fact, if properly arranged, two to three curved corner cabinets can put more items together, which is worth trying

the second trick: slightly change the wall -- make full use of it to avoid messy

careful observation may lead you to find that no matter who has a bathroom wall, there are items of one kind or another hanging on it, but either hanging things or using the wall. Is the placement of items reasonable? Making articles on the wall of the bathroom, some use local materials and adjust measures to local conditions, and some make slight changes to the wall to make it more usable. However, no matter what form of utilization is adopted, attention should be paid to avoiding the messy feeling of space due to excessive utilization and lack of organization

type 8 set up horizontal shelves and other common items

in the bathroom space, some frequently used items, such as towels, toothbrushes, etc., cannot be placed in the cabinet, but must be hung in a convenient place in the external space. The tools that can be used to place these commonly used items include crossbars, shelves, baskets, etc

what type of tools to choose can be determined according to the style of the bathroom and other factors. The important thing is to determine the location. Generally, the items used for washing the face should be placed near the washbasin, while the shelving for placing bath supplies is more convenient near the shower or bathtub

a metal basket that can be used to place small towels or other items. It takes up little space, but it can put a lot of odds and ends

towel poles and small shelves for hand sanitizer or soap can be concentrated in the face washing area

the ninth formula “ 1+1=1” The most ideal state of furniture hanging on the wall is to have multiple functions. Simply installing a mirror on the wall in front of the washbasin is a waste of space. If you choose the shelf combined with the mirror, you can put some fragmentary bath supplies and make up for the mirror. In terms of function, we kill two birds with one stone, but what we occupy is only a space area, which has achieved “ 1+1=1” The effect of

the use of brightly colored mosaics for decoration not only makes use of space, but also becomes an attractive highlight in the bathroom

the 10th formula reasonably uses or sets the groove on the wall

because the groove on the wall is inward concave, it does not occupy external space, which is a particularly good method of space utilization. Some bathroom walls are originally equipped with grooves, which can be used locally. If the space and pattern allow, you can also make this similar groove by yourself to expand the space inward. This kind of groove can be used not only for placing bathing supplies, but also for placing trinkets

trick 3: choose contractile sanitary ware -- the key to determining the form of space utilization

many people think that space determines the form of sanitary ware. This idea is not wrong, but if you consider the characteristics of space, and then think about what space can be used around a certain form of sanitary ware, you will be one step ahead of others in space utilization, and you will get better results. The sanitary ware itself also determines the form of space utilization in the bathroom. For example, the wall mounted sanitary ware can leave more spare space, and the bathtub combined with the shower room can save space, which should be considered in advance

type 11 wall mounted sanitary ware with more usable space reserved

wall mounted sanitary ware, whether it is a washbasin or a toilet, can reserve some usable space, which is also convenient for daily cleaning. Especially the wall hung basin, because the lower space is large, you can combine the methods mentioned above to place a suitable bathroom cabinet

type 12 space saving semi arc bathtub

people who like to use bathtubs do not have to give up their pursuit of comfort in order to save space. As long as they choose properly, they can also make good use of space to a certain extent. The semi arc bathtub can make better use of space than the square regular bathtub

type 13 shower room with small floor area

the choice of shower room is also closely related to space utilization. Relatively speaking, the arc-shaped shower room saves space because of its shape, especially the double sliding door shower room

the 14th style combines the shower room and bathtub

the bathroom equipment that combines the shower room and bathtub can shower without delaying the enjoyment of bathing, realizing two uses of one space, which is definitely a good way to save space. People who hope to make rational use of space and are unwilling to give up comfort can have a try

type 15 wall faucet

if the washbasin faucet in the bathroom chooses the wall faucet, it does not need a table top and can be directly installed on the wall. When installing this kind of faucet, we should consider the setting of the water supply and drainage pipelines in the bathroom. However, there are advantages and disadvantages. The wall faucet will occupy a certain wall area

the 16th style avoids the overhead shower of pipes

the benefits of overhead shower are obvious. With it, you can avoid messy pipelines and make the bathroom feel tidy. More importantly, in addition to the location where the sprinkler is installed, the rest of the wall space can be used creatively




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