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After decoration, the room will enter a trial and use stage, during which a series of problems may occur

after decoration, the room will enter a trial and use stage, during which a series of problems may occur. We should learn to carry out necessary maintenance of home decoration in the future use, and we can master the knowledge of use and maintenance after home decoration

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water supply: when the water supply pipe is used for the first time, colored water may flow out, so you should turn on the tap, and after a period of time, the water will gradually become clear. When cleaning the tap, do not use acidic or alkaline liquids, nor rough rags or steel balls, otherwise the surface of the tap will be damaged. If you don't check in temporarily after decoration, or you need to go out for a long time on business after check-in, or you encounter public water pipe maintenance, it's best to close the main water inlet valve

electrical appliances: before using electricity for the first time, it is best to check whether the electrical appliances are damp, and whether the plugs and wires are complete and safe. Especially electric kettle, electric water heater, rice cooker, disinfection cabinet and other electrical appliances. New household appliances must be carefully read before use

ceramic tiles: ceramic tiles should be cleaned frequently to keep the pattern clear, but soft cloth must be used when cleaning, and acid-base liquid and hard brush cannot be used to wash and wipe, otherwise the uranium surface of ceramic tiles will be damaged

solid wood floor: when walking on the solid wood floor, do not drag the sole on the surface, otherwise the paint will become thinner and the service life will be shortened. If there are nails on the heels, it is not suitable to walk on them. Do not hammer the surface with heavy objects. Avoid direct sunlight on the ground. Pay attention to the dry humidity of the mop when cleaning the floor. Do not mop the floor with a wet mop

wood products: wood products include cabinets, cabinets, porches, bookshelves, doors and windows, etc. When opening and closing doors and windows, pay attention to the appropriate force, and pay attention to the sequence of opening and closing the left and right doors and windows. For places with frequent contact, pay attention to protect the paint surface. The connectors and rails should be lubricated and clean, and the spacing between spring hinges should be adjusted and protected to prevent slipping out. Pay attention to the rust prevention of connectors for doors and windows that will not be opened for a long time

when moving furniture, lift it up instead of dragging it on the ground. When cleaning, pay attention to the dry humidity of the rag, especially when cleaning the side edge banding, to prevent moisture infiltration, so as to avoid edge banding degumming





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