Play with the kitchen in the color era three sets

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Although the kitchen is small, the atmosphere of life is very strong. How to make this small world full of color and interest depends on your mind. Have you ever thought that a colorful, fashionable, flexible and practical kitchen is the first step to a happy home life. Let the kitchen, which used to be a place of oil smoke, also enter the colorful, clean and lively color era

the following editor will provide you with a scheme to change the color of your kitchen. I believe that from now on, the kitchen is no longer the birthplace of the Yellow faced woman, but a stage for you to enjoy cooking and a world for the family to live a warm and happy life

case 1: pure white + red, fashionable and warm. Recommended crowd: three generations together, elegant walls and fashionable red, no fancy, simple and neat. Clean white and red can meet the common aesthetic of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and bring peace and tranquility to the family

case diagram 1

case 2: Yellow + red, festive and fashionable. Recommended crowd: for newlyweds' homes, red is a festive color, which should be the first choice for newlyweds. The red walls in the kitchen bring pleasure to the cooking time

case Figure 2

case Figure 3: White + light green, full of peace. Recommended crowd: singles, with a calm and clear gray blues, have a broad mind like the sea and sky, bring them romantic imagination and modern atmosphere, and let them freely stretch their tired hearts

case Figure 3

Red: enthusiastic and unrestrained, full of festive colors. Red is the most appropriate color for young newlyweds, which can not only reflect the strong and bold personality of the host, but also show the vitality of young people and show their luxury. According to another test, red can peak appetite. The combination of red and white, red as the rising sun and white as nephrite, uses the mild white to slightly dilute the monotonous feeling caused by red, making the whole more varied and lively, as shown in case 1. The collocation of red and yellow has a kind of overwhelming enthusiasm, supplemented by the festive and auspicious color technique of old-fashioned furniture, which will make the cabinet show a thriving new atmosphere, such as pattern example 2

white: pure and spotless color. The cabinet with white as the main tone presents a simple, elegant and clean feeling. For those who like cleanliness and quietness, it is undoubtedly the best choice. The combination of white and light green will create a simple effect of harmony and tranquility, as shown in case 3. There is really nothing that can disturb your mind. In fact, matching white with any color will produce an unexpected feeling

yellow: since ancient times, China has respected yellow, which is a symbol of identity. And the bright apricot yellow will create the unrestrained artistic conception of youth. Yellow can match with a variety of colors to achieve satisfactory results, such as pattern example 2. Yellow and red are very classic collocations, which can also be said to be Chinese collocations, as can be seen from the angry construction of China's festive festivals and China's national flag





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