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Welcoming the Dragon Boat Festival, Zhengzhou KOLE sanitary ware launched the "KOLE" zongzi "mobilization and the theme activity of" benefits "for the joy of the Dragon Boat Festival. From May 18 to May 30, all stores in Zhengzhou of Kohler sanitary ware have the sales of this activity card, which will be wonderful at that time

in my memory, there is a kind of "zongzi wrapped by my grandmother". The soft glutinous rice is accompanied by fresh meat with fat, which tastes delicious. More than half a month before the Dragon Boat Festival, many people have begun to prepare the ingredients for making zongzi, and in supermarkets and bakeries, all kinds of zongzi products have also appeared one after another

welcome the Dragon Boat Festival. Zhengzhou KOLE sanitary ware enthusiastically launched the "KOLE" zongzi "mobilization, and the Dragon Boat Festival happy" benefit "theme activity. From May 18 to May 30, all stores in Zhengzhou of Kohler sanitary ware have the sales of this activity card. The face value of the activity card is 100 yuan, stamped with the official seal of the store. On the 31st day, the contract can be signed to offset the payment of 200 yuan, and at the same time, it can be exchanged for a set of exquisite tea cups of CK brand! (only one for each household); On the day of the event landing on May 31, all customers who arrive at the site can receive a signing in gift and a participation gift. The top 20 signing in customers can receive Kohler's reimbursement of the taxi fare of 20 yuan only (with the taxi invoice). Kohler bathroom also provides a beautiful gift for each signing in customer! (lotus fragrance car Decoration pendant). Customers will have the chance to win the lucky draw if they consult and choose products. The specific preferential rules of the event are as follows:

I: special price items break through the freezing point

2: super value package, snap up Le Fantian

3: exclusive privileges for only this day

lower than May Day! The lowest in the city! Return 3 times the price difference! There is a strong discount for regular products, only today

IV: free for full amount

free for eolia when shopping for more than 8000 yuan? According to Eurasia pedal garbage can k-17531t

gift lison when shopping over 10000 yuan? Radisson Wei double-layer corner basket k-18434t

when shopping for more than 12000 yuan, you will get the third prize: 15 people (a set of exquisite tea sets)

Five: lucky draw

signed customers can participate in a lucky draw, The prizes are set as:

1st prize: 5 (Sinopec 100 yuan refueling card)

2nd prize: 10 (Sinopec 100 yuan refueling card)

3rd prize: 15 (a set of exquisite tea set)

lucky prize: 100% winning rate

activity address: Jintai chengkole flagship store, Zhengbian road

activity time: May 31, 2014

KOLE sanitary ware, originated in the United States, was founded in 1873. Kohler company is one of the largest family businesses in the United States so far. In 2002, Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai as the headquarters of Kohler Asia Pacific region. For 140 years, Kohler has been adhering to the eternal enterprise spirit and committed to making "e; Every Kohler product shows the highest level of that era;. Impeccable excellent quality, industry-leading R & D technology, excellence in manufacturing technology, and cutting-edge fashion art and design have made Kohler spirit a classic in a century of inheritance. In China, Kohler, which is positioned at the middle and high end, requires every product with the flexibility and exquisite of art, touching people's yearning for elegant quality of life





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