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The second phase of yutaibai expansion project will start within this year. The preliminary design report of yutaibai phase II project has been approved by Chongqing Municipal Planning Commission, construction commission and other departments, and the project construction is expected to start within this year. Yutaibai is currently one of the largest titanium dioxide manufacturers in China. In 2001, the sales revenue of titanium dioxide was more than 0.5 billion yuan Finally, the measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) of the tensile machine of Jinan experimental machine factory is RMB yuan, accounting for 96% of the main revenue

according to Dai peishu, general manager of Chongqing Yufa high-end equipment Co., Ltd., such as high-strength corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy thick plate and skin sheet, ultra-high strength and high toughness aluminum alloy body plate, conductive profile, special performance aluminum alloy and its composite materials, the second phase of the project will start in September, and it is planned to complete the project in one year to one year and two months. The titanium dioxide phase II project will still be produced by the sulfuric acid method. After the completion of the phase II project, 10 new models of titanium dioxide products can be added. The new production capacity is 1.5% per year. It is assumed that the manufacturers and manufacturers of cartons, cartons and plastic bags will change the structure and replace about 10000 tons of high-quality titanium dioxide related parts, providing favorable conditions for product diversification

after the completion of phase II project next year, the production capacity of titanium dioxide will reach 36000 tons per year, becoming a real titanium dioxide production base

it is understood that the total investment of yutaibai phase II expansion project is about 170million yuan, the equipment purchase cost is 105million yuan, and the construction and installation cost is more than 46million yuan. The construction funds are entirely raised by yutaibai, but the company has no plan to raise funds in the secondary market

analysts believe that the market prospect of titanium dioxide at home and abroad is promising. 15% of yuti white products are sold abroad, which has a certain international market. After the new project is put into operation, the company's production capacity will be doubled, which is conducive to the realization of economies of scale. However, yutaibai has a lot of liabilities, and about 50% of the funds for the new projects will use bank loans, so the financial problems deserve attention

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