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Unscrambling the self-cultivation of professional managers (2)

three keys to learning

professional managers rely on performance. In order to create a good performance and make the enterprise present a sustainable development trend, in today's fierce market competition, they should constantly improve their personal professional quality, actively learn the new theory and practice of modern enterprise frontier management, so as to adapt to the changing development needs. Only when the overall quality of individuals exceeds the speed of development needs can they control the business management and control the exhibitors of the enterprise in 2014. 1. The person in charge of Asia Pacific Anxinda company introduces the overall situation; If the individual comprehensive quality is not enough to support the speed of modern competitive demand, the enterprise operation will be out of control and the benefit will decline. Therefore, in front of TCL's professional managers, the only way to survive and develop in the competition is to unswervingly go on without any retreat. Therefore, in the period of rapid growth of TCL, senior decision makers attach great importance to creating a learning organization. In this organization, every professional manager should constantly improve his/her comprehensive quality. Among them, learning is an effective means to improve his/her ability. We should pay attention to learning, master the essentials and keep charging, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. In today's information explosion, we need to learn purposefully and selectively to surpass our competitors and become outstanding. For this reason, vice president yuanxincheng proposed three keys to learning, which are to warn us to make learning more effective in limited time. Learning means learning from world-class enterprises, domestic advanced peers, competitors, practices and books. "Learning" is for accumulation, "learning" is for continuous "innovation", and learning is for going global

1. The key to learning from success and failure is to study its process and method. Lenovo employees sent an email to Yang Yuanqing, "what's Lenovo's problem?" Yangyuanqing recommended it to all employees of the company through the internal magazine Lenovo monthly. Lenovo leaders' sense of crisis, sense of suffering, and the spirit of self reflection are worth learning. As we all know, which enterprise has no problem? Which enterprise has no operational loopholes and improper? No matter how good a company is, it will have its own problems and weaknesses. The key is to be able to learn from others, reflect on yourself and learn from experience (including success and failure); Of course, we also need to review ourselves, reflect on the past and draw lessons. Through the phenomenon, find the essence, and find out the key factors that affect the success according to the successful experience of others? How can we use it for reference in combination with practice to accelerate the growth of enterprises. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the failure of others or ourselves, and carefully analyze the root causes of failure? Or find out the weaknesses and bottlenecks that affect the growth of the enterprise based on the market base in 2014, correct their own mistakes, avoid operational risks, seize the favorable opportunities, and effectively operate the enterprise. For successful companies such as Samsung and Microsoft, their decision makers are not complacent or complacent about success, but keep a clear head, learn from others' strengths, examine some of them that have completed mass production and corrected their own problems, and constantly learn and make progress. These are their common characteristics and common pursuit. Here, we managers at all levels should take Samsung as a good case, seriously study and devote ourselves to studying how Samsung overcame the Asian financial storm, rose from the dead, stood out, and became a world-class enterprise at one fell swoop. The focus is to study the process and methods of Samsung's Early mistakes and late success, and to explore the root causes behind its success? Because we have many businesses similar to Samsung, this is also the reason why decision makers regard Samsung as our benchmark to catch up with. We should constantly learn from others, draw on others' strengths and make continuous progress

2. The key to learning from books is to understand the truth. Focus on learning. Now is the era of information explosion. There are too many things to learn at ordinary times, but in fact, it is difficult for each of us to have enough time, energy and conditions to complete and learn all the knowledge well. Therefore, learning must have focus and direction. We need to select the most classic, practical, effective and urgently needed book knowledge for intensive and deep learning, and do not need to cover all the aspects. For example, you can select the following good books for intensive reading: introduction to Samsung, everlasting foundation, from excellence to excellence, send the letter to Garcia, no excuses, details determine success or failure, etc. Learning is a required course for professional managers. It is the best way to narrow the gap between themselves and elite talents as soon as possible. It is also an effective means to break through professional bottlenecks. For professional managers in the era of knowledge economy, knowledge is the magic weapon to change their destiny, achieve success and create wealth. What professional managers should do is to quickly change themselves, actively join the ranks of learning, constantly enrich their knowledge system, improve their knowledge structure, and make themselves knowledge-based, intelligent and compound managers. It is particularly worth mentioning that TCL has provided a good learning platform for our professional managers. The opportunity is rare. Everyone should cherish and seize this golden opportunity and calm down to learn something. We know that managers are very busy and have limited time, so we need to find time to learn and accumulate

reading is a good choice. Managers can better serve their own work and career by reading after work, absorbing the latest and cutting-edge knowledge and supplementing knowledge. Proverbs say that books are the ladder of human progress. The key to reading is to understand the truth and essence in the book, serve to solve future work problems, and focus on effective application and performance improvement. Reading is a process of dialogue with experts. Excellent books condense the knowledge essence and theoretical practice of experts, scholars and management masters. In the process of reading, managers can obtain the experience of experts and scholars for their own use, and then guide themselves to do their own work better, more correctly and more effectively, explore and innovate, and open up the situation

3. The key to learn from the competitive environment and competitors is rapid response. We are now living in a mutually exclusive and interdependent society; In an environment of mutual competition and cooperation. Especially in the arena, the enterprise will be full of vitality if it surpasses its competitors. A senior coach once said, "opponents are the best textbooks for every athlete. Whoever wants to defeat opponents must learn from them." In the process of competition, we should not only know our friends, but also know our opponents. Know yourself

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