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Motorola's approach to employment (II)

evaluation objectives

the score report form for Motorola's performance evaluation (Scorecard) is formulated with reference to the national quality standards of the United States. Each department sets its own objectives for specific businesses according to this quality standard. The annual work objectives set by Motorola employees include two aspects: one is the strategic direction, including long-term strategy and priority objectives; The other is performance, which may include employee's efforts in finance, customer relations, employee relations and partners?. It also includes employee leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, information and analysis, human development, and process management

the implementation of the objectives set by employees requires the participation of the boss and subordinates. Motorola will assess the performance of employees' goals every three months. The employees have a closely related partner in their work, which Motorola calls? Keyworkpartner, they can promote each other's work. Cross department colleagues and colleagues in the same department are closely linked to achieve a 360 degree balance in the assessment

■ how to avoid misunderstanding

the focus of some people in their work is not the customer, but how to satisfy their boss. This situation also leads to misunderstandings in evaluation. There are two bad situations: one is that the employee's performance is relatively average, but the boss trusts him very much; The other is the employees who join the team later, with good performance, but do not establish trust with the boss. The meticulous work of the human resources department becomes very important. The human resources department will spend a lot of energy on the top 25 and the bottom 25 in terms of job performance. Sometimes if this person is very capable and the boss doesn't pay attention to it, the human resources department will help him find a good boss

■ reward for merit

Motorola's year-end evaluation was conducted in January. The individual evaluation was conducted once a quarter, and the department evaluation was conducted once a year. The business was summarized at the end of the year. According to scorecard, the company decides the increase of employees' personal salary at the end of the year, and also promotes employees based on performance. Motorola selects and allocates cadres all the year round. Generally, the time is in February and March every year. The company selects management elites to go to the headquarters for assessment and study. Management talents will be determined in May and June

■ the quality of managers is the key

if employees feel unfair to the evaluation, they can refuse to sign on the evaluation results. Each employee's evaluation form will be signed by his own supervisor and the supervisor of the supervisor, so his superior will know that there are problems in the huge market demand, and will participate in it to understand the situation and solve the existing problems

how the quality of the assessment is related to the manager. Motorola attaches great importance to the quality of managers because? Managers are the executors of the system, so there are many clear conditions for selecting and appointing managers. For example, Motorola has four requirements for the quality of vice president candidates: first, high personal moral quality; The second is to be able to effectively manage their own personnel in the context that the whole ring should tighten the relevant parts; The third is to implement the overall business objectives well, including the best effect, the lowest cost and the fastest speed; Fourth, we need to be able to innovate, understand customers, and boldly promote some projects. At this time, we need to remove the jaw chuck for innovation and reform. Vice presidents need these four qualities, and they also need to be balanced. Directors, department managers, etc. will have their job requirements. Motorola has a lot of quality training and professional ethics training for leaders. Motorola also provided transnational training for them to do projects around the world and let them know that there are more than one way to do things

Motorola attaches importance to the quality of managers. If the management means are inappropriate and serious management mistakes are made, Motorola will remove the managers

■ salary to adapt to change

in Motorola, the salary standard starts with the position, and there may be a gap in the same position, because? It depends on work performance. Some people with special abilities may be recruited from abroad, and their salaries are linked to the international market?. Motorola's salary level is in the middle of the market

a large part of Motorola's salary is basic salary, which accounts for a large percentage. There is also a year-end bonus

Motorola is aware that there are good and bad fixed wages. The salary structure of Motorola changed in 2000. It will increase some variable wages and change the previous annual bonus? Issued quarterly. Previously, bonuses were linked to the global market?, The year 2000 will be marked by the performance of one country unit? Bonus assessment basis

■ scientifically adjust salary

if employees are dissatisfied with their salary, they should raise it to the human resources department, and Motorola will conduct market research. If it is lower than the market average, Motorola will generally adjust the salary. Employees in Chengdu once reported that their wages were low. The human resources department found that this was the case through market research, and then gave employees a raise. When Motorola just started working, the difference in the main utilization parts of resin matrix composites on the cold end of foreign advanced aero engines will be reflected in the salary, for example, there will be differences between graduate students and undergraduate students

it is very possible that undergraduates are higher than postgraduates after work. With the passage of time, the old employees may have their salaries increased for several years, and the base number will become very large. Then? The increase of fresh graduates will be higher than that of old employees. Motorola will make an exception for creative people

■ everyone has a head start

the manager level of Motorola? Junior manager, Department Manager, regional manager (director), vice president (concurrently director or general manager), senior vice president. In Motorola, the proportion of male and female employees is equal. Motorola has 664 managers. Women account for 23% of the total number of managers, and it plans to grow to 40%

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