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Large scale printing market (II)

it can be seen from table 2 that for small batch (less than 30 pieces) and large-scale outdoor advertisements, it is generally suitable to choose the spray painting method, which not only has low production cost, but also has a short production cycle, while for large batch (more than 30 pieces), it is more appropriate to choose the printing method for the outdoor advertisements with general format, and the plate making cost and time can be greatly reduced to the average of each print, That is to say, the production cost decreases obviously with the increase of batch. It is suitable for printing less than a few pieces and more than 30 pieces, which is related to the printing resistance of the silk plate itself and the speed of the semi-automatic printing machine. If the printing volume is about 10000, you should choose offset printing. Generally, outdoor advertising does not have such a large printing volume. The quality of silk printing is not high, and outdoor advertisements with large quantities will be the mainstream in the future

(2) large packaging boxes, large indoor posters, large maps

generally, large packaging cartons have a large batch, and there are a lot of repeated reprint printing. Therefore, the production method with fast printing speed, high automation and easy online production with post-processing processes such as bronzing and die cutting should be selected. The first choice should be large format offset printing, followed by large format flexo printing and gravure printing. However, due to the fact that flexo printing and gravure printing are used to print large color blocks, they often can not be printed in large field, and have high requirements for printing paper, large format offset printing has certain advantages in printing large packaging boxes. In foreign countries, large format offset printing machines are used to directly print on G corrugated board. However, for the A, B and C corrugated boxes commonly used in China, it is only practical to select the post mounting period of offset printing card, or to use flexo printing machines to directly print simple pictures and texts without large size and real ground on corrugated paper. The former has a slightly higher production cost, but the printing effect is exquisite and meticulous

Shixian posters used in chain stores and large supermarkets generally have a batch of 1000-10000. Because they often use paper as the substrate, and do not need too thick ink layer and high weather resistance, it is very reasonable to choose offset printing in terms of cost. In addition, most of the products advertised by chain stores and supermarkets are clothing, daily-use goods and food. Offset printing has rich levels, which can more carefully reflect the texture of goods and the skin color of human body, so the publicity effect is strong

batch large-scale map printing is also the strength of offset printing. Map printing requires high precision and accurate registration. In addition to the basic color, it also needs to print a lot of spot colors. Moreover, most of them have to be coated after printing, resulting in material performance degradation and polishing. These requirements cannot be met by other printing methods. Therefore, offset printing will occupy a leading position in this market

at present, the main "bottleneck" of large format offset printing comes from film output and production. Most of the manufacturers we interviewed are small film splicing and printing, which not only greatly affects the product quality, but also imposes no plate making cost and time. In addition, if the large-size paper is improperly stored, the deformation caused by it will be very obvious, which will seriously affect the printing quality. Therefore, manufacturers printing large-scale prints should pay more attention to temperature and humidity control than ordinary printing manufacturers

(3) large format personalized decorations

because they are personalized consumer goods, the batch printing volume is very small, maybe 1-2 pieces. In this field, digital technology will play a big role

with the popularization of personal computers, the promotion of digital cameras and the improvement of large-scale inkjet technology, the use of digital color printing to make personalized large format decorations will become a new consumer market. The large format stamping that cannot be realized by traditional color printing can now be realized by digital color printing. With the improvement of large-scale spray painting technology, the spray painting machine can spray the effect of photos on high gloss photo paper, make simulated oil paintings on canvas, and even make simulated traditional Chinese paintings on rice paper, which meets people's needs for personalized and high-grade cosmetic accessories. The rising demand for personalized decorations and the decline in equipment investment will promote the birth of digital photo agencies and large format output centers. We will wait and see whether there is a fierce battle here

2. Transformation of corresponding equipment

the production of large format printing materials inevitably requires large-scale equipment, including traditional large-scale Phototypesetter, large projector, large-scale printing machine, new large-scale CTP equipment supporting large-scale printing machine and corresponding software and hardware. One in-process plate making equipment can meet the plate making needs of various printing machines of different sizes in a printing plant. Therefore, it is a reasonable budget to invest in large-scale plate making equipment

it is estimated that the experimental machine you are using is hydraulic, electronic and electric servo? Is it new or old? Answer; By the year 2000, the market for large-scale printing and plate making equipment will have a certain amount of growth, of which the packaging and printing equipment will occupy an important part. In addition to large-scale equipment, large format printers also need to upgrade their front-end and back-end equipment, including large storage servers, corresponding digital proofing systems and a high-speed internal network. Therefore, for equipment manufacturers, it should be noted that although the demand for large format equipment is small, it is slowly increasing

bold innovation

this title is written to introduce the new applications of non professional printing equipment in printing, which can just reflect the unchanging truth that "equipment is dead, but people are alive"

1. Offset proofing can also be used for large format prints with a printing capacity of less than 30-100 sheets. Its production speed is faster than that of inkjet printing and printing, but the quotation is similar, and the production is no less exquisite than that of inkjet printing. It is a good choice

2. Printing special pigments on a special material can even produce personalized ceramics by relying on their own knowledge in mixing, utilization and mold. This paper will be immediately attached to the surface of ceramics and glass after high-temperature firing. Because of the plastic mechanical wear resistance and water resistance, it is not inferior to the general overglaze and underglaze decoration, and its color brightness, gloss and level of detail reproduction are excellent. This technology is an extension of DuPont cromalin's proofing technology and a new use of cromalin's proofing equipment. It can not only be used to make large-scale personalized ceramic and glass artworks, but also...

the large-scale printing market is a market full of business opportunities and challenges. Moreover, this market is gradually starting. Whether the printers can make profits in this market depends on how they operate. (end)

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