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The U.S. printing market in 2003 (II)

4, computer software (the total market value is 296billion dollars)

operating system war will promote the development of the printing market. However, due to the replacement of printed user manuals and related materials with help, the printing demand for package software (56billion dollars, +5%) will decline

false "heminghui said that the proposed host (US $40billion, +8%) would bring us $1billion in revenue to the sheet fed business

memory and storage ($75billion, +0%) will be a difficult market, especially for new entrants. Cisco, the networking giant, has shrunk by a third, providing a good opportunity for other networking equipment and semiconductor companies

printing suppliers in this industry will strive to maintain the contract amount at the level of 2002

5. Real estate (the total market value is $1342billion)

generally speaking, the printing business related to real estate will exceed $9billion

new commercial housing (473billion US dollars, -3%) will decrease compared with the highest level in 2002, but the second-hand housing market (318billion US dollars, +23%) will grow strongly. This market will generate $3billion in revenue for printers

the printing demand for mortgage lease (US $81billion, +9%) and business space (US $350billion, -10%) is booming due to excessive inventory of office buildings, industrial and warehouse space

6. Through the joint efforts of both sides, the printing expenditure of medical products and pharmaceuticals (the total market value is 278billion US dollars)

this industry will increase sharply by 25%, which is the highest growth rate among all industries

a variety of new medical products (US $123billion, +24%) from personal diagnostic tools to vaccination systems will appear on the market

with the development of Biotechnology (US $38billion, +31%), as well as the resulting expenditure on education and promoting the development of rich energy-saving schemes from various angles, it will bring us $4billion in revenue to the label and packaging printing industry

due to the continuous introduction of new drugs, the drug market (US $115billion, +22%) will continue to grow. Although the advertising, packaging and pop businesses in this market are very attractive, printers are also required to have a good understanding of the global medical and pharmaceutical market

7. Beverage (total market value: USD 289billion)

beer and malt beverage (non-alcoholic) (USD 43billion, +5%) and sprinkling (USD 16billion, +6%) are the highlights of the market. Silk and wide format printers will benefit from the malt alternative beverage market

soft drinks look at the classification of cold and heat shock test chambers (41billion US dollars, -7%) and dairy products (41billion US dollars, -8%) although the market will decline, manufacturers in this field will also increase the demand for advertising printing in order to regain the market

the fruit juice market (USD 33billion, -7%) will face difficulties

the ready to drink beverage market led by coffee (US $98billion, +3%) will bring more than US $1billion in printing demand

8. Automobile (the total market value is 1744billion US dollars)

the production and sales of the automobile industry will be stable at the level of 2002. Industry insiders predict that 17million vehicles (543billion US dollars, +6%) will be offline in 2003, which will bring stable printing demand

the auto insurance and credit insurance (US $255billion, +6%) and leasing (US $273billion, +18%) markets will also grow rapidly due to the increase in installment payments and the decrease in interest

9. Packaged food (the total market value is 585billion US dollars)

due to the increase in the number of people eating out, the market growth is slow and showing a downward trend. Dry/fast food (US $103billion, +6%) and frozen food (US $77billion, +3%) are good competitive opportunities for commercial, flexo and other packaging printers

the market for canned and bottled food (US $154billion, -12%) will plummet by 12%. However, its promotional spending will bring nearly US $2billion to lithographic and flexographic printers, accounting for about 25% of the packaged food printing business

due to the increasing popularity of dieting, barbecue food producers will spend less on packaging and folding cartons

meat, poultry, seafood and other meat products (US $128billion, +26%) have the fastest growth in the market, and they have a great demand for pressure-sensitive labels and sanitary packaging. (to be continued)

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