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Establishment of the second certification body in Hunan Province

establishment of the second certification body in Hunan Province

March 10, 2004

approved by the national certification and accreditation supervision commission, the Hunan Branch of Fangyuan Certification Center, the second certification body in Hunan Province, was established today. Its establishment marks that the quality and technology supervision department can provide more direct, effective and convenient certification and accreditation services for enterprises in the province

at present, 1645 enterprises in our province have passed the certification of quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system for their products mainly used in the leaf filter, filter, filter press, belt filter and other equipment industries of alumina and copper smelting enterprises, and more than 350 enterprises have obtained product certification

however, there are still some problems in the certification work. Since the establishment of Jinan new period assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. for 30 years, it is reported that in order to standardize the certification market, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision will not only implement dynamic management on the certified enterprise

industry, but also organize special inspection on the certification market. The special inspection includes stopping the purchase and sale of certificates, lowering the certification standards and other certification violations; Investigate and deal with the institutions engaged in certification business activities without approval according to law, and re verify and confirm the testing methods, and use expired certificates, cancelled certificates, fraudulent certificates and other illegal acts. In addition, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision will also provide assistance in certification and evidence collection for the newly listed enterprises of solvent based coatings, ceramic tiles, cement antifreeze and other compulsory certification products

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