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After nine years of cooperation, Youyin communication joined hands with Yinglai shell

at present, China's national car ownership is about 260million, and the car ownership per thousand people has increased rapidly from less than 10 to more than 180, reaching the global average. China's auto industry has gone through a stage of rapid development and entered a transition period from quantitative expansion to quality improvement

with the rapid growth of car ownership in China, the demand for lubricating oil has doubled, the grade of oil has also achieved leapfrog development, and the quality of lubricating oil is directly in line with international standards. As the leader of the petrochemical products and clean energy industry in the European Union, Yinglai Shell International Petroleum Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of lubricants

in order to expand its global business, Yinglai Shell International Oil Co., Ltd. entered the East Asian market, established a production base in Shanxi, China, and established Datong Yinglai shell Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd., taking a new step towards brand internationalization. As the communication service provider of Yinglai shell, Youyin communication has provided communication services for it since 2011. After nine years of cooperation, Youyin communication has witnessed the vigorous development of Yinglai shell's domestic business

Datong Yinglai shell Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yinglai shell) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of lubricating oil. It has Yinglai shell brand lubricating oil, grease, brake fluid, antifreeze, filter and other products, and has established in-depth and extensive technical cooperation with Afton, Chevron and Infineon international. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the development strategy of scientific and technological innovation and serving the society, and has established an advantageous R & D, sales and after-sales service team in a short time. Item 2. Refueling: previously, Yinglai shell set up many regions in the country, developed more than 200 large-scale logistics distribution centers, and served more than 10000 directly under the central government, covering the north and south of the river, basically covering the whole country

the service field continues to expand, and the agency affairs and pre-sales and after-sales services all over the country are gradually increasing. In order to better expand business, Yinglai shell has joined hands with Youyin communication strategic cooperation to undertake agency affairs and pre-sales and after-sales services from communication products and services, so that customers can feel the professionalism of Yinglai shell's services

as a leading brand of enterprise communication services, over the past 15 years, Youyin communication has always adhered to customer demand-oriented, with a certain mosquito repellent effect, user experience as the core, adhering to the concept of honest service, to provide enterprise customers with high-quality communication products and high-quality communication services. Youyin communication serves customers with standardized products Youyin, mobile cloud seats, Youyin cloud customer service, Youyin SMS, Youyin cloud switchboard, Youyin cloud platform, Youyin conference, and Youyin cloud trumpet. With rich code resources and high-quality communication line resources, it ensures that customers have stable and clear voice calls while having an enterprise image, and has won the trust of many customers with customized personalized communication services

so far, Youyin communication has been in-depth cooperation with the world's top 100 enterprises and domestic well-known enterprises, including Amazon China, Baidu, China Resources Bank, China Life Insurance, Alibaba nailing, iFLYTEK, auto home, etc., which are the appearance of fatigue testing machine, and has served more than 500000 customers. Thanks to such brand influence, while constantly cooperating with new customers, Youyin communication has become a loyal partner of 300000 + customers. Yinglai shell is one of them

according to Zhang Shuli, the customer manager, Youyin communication and Yinglai shell have maintained good and stable communication and services for nine years, while Yinglai shell has always chosen Youyin Vickers hardness test. The reason for the low effectiveness of communication is the stable communication system and convenient communication services of Youyin communication

in combination with the communication needs of Yinglai shell, Youyin communication provides call services for national services. At the same time, with the help of Youyin self-service system, it can manage call information in multiple and efficient ways, which is conducive to the expansion of national business

the considerate communication service has been recognized by Yinglai shell. Maintaining close cooperation for nine consecutive years is a concrete manifestation of Yinglai shell's trust in Youyin communication. Youyin communication will not disappoint customers' trust and continue to give back to customers with high-quality products and services

providing customers with high guaranteed communication services is the constant quality pursuit of Youyin communication. In the future, Youyin communication will continue to understand and integrate customer needs, upgrade communication platforms, innovate product technologies, and bring more convenient and efficient service experience to more enterprises

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