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Ningbo actively transformed the research results of academician coating industry

Comrade Xu Guanghua of the enterprise management consulting confidentiality experiment Department of Ningbo academician Service Center passed the information of an academician's research and development of "high-performance nano modified waterborne coatings" to Ningbo coating and coating industry association in early April to solicit the opinions of enterprise transformation. The municipal Painting Association attached great importance to this, immediately copied dozens of materials and introduced them to the backbone enterprises and the executive director meeting. One enterprise has the intention of further negotiation

in the afternoon of April 21, Xu Guanghua and other comrades came to the city painting association with Secretary Cao cunning. 7. Cooler: the crud of air-cooled cooler should be cleared regularly; If water cooling is adopted, regularly inspect whether the cooling copper pipe has cracks and water leakage; Further communicate on the transformation of academician projects. The association hopes that both parties will establish a working mechanism to improve work efficiency and gradually form a platform for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The comrades of the service center have the same hope as the municipal Painting Association. Finally, the two sides agreed: first, sign a cooperation agreement; Second, establish a work linkage system; Third, regularly or irregularly publish information on the transformation of achievements on the conference and the Conference Journal, track and analyze the situation that has been transformed, accumulate experience, and constantly improve the level of cooperation between the two sides, which plays a good role in promoting the "structural adjustment" of Ningbo coating enterprises. Finally, at this time, the motor pushes the silicone oil to normalize the project transformation

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